11China Kobelco was born soon the annual production capacity of 60 million tons is not so triage staff|China Kobelco was born soon the annual production capacity of 60 million tons is not so triage staff4

China Kobelco was born soon: the annual production capacity of 60 million tons is not so "Kobelco Chinese triage staff" was born soon so don’t ya River Diversion employees have 60 million tons of annual production capacity of the "China Kobelco" was born around the corner. "First Financial Daily" reporter in September 19th from informed sources to verify, Baosteel (600019.SH) the controlling shareholder of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group (600005.SH) the controlling shareholder of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group reorganization plan has been approved by the State Council, the SASAC approval, and has been submitted to the state council. The insider said, Baosteel Group will be renamed the "Provisional China Bao Wu Steel Group Co. Ltd., Wuhan Iron and steel group equity free transfer treasure Wu group. After the completion of the reorganization, Bao Wu group will become the controlling shareholder of Wuhan Iron and steel group. The two group of listed companies will be through the way of convertible merger by Baosteel, Wuhan Iron & Steel co.. Baosteel 19 evening announcement, Baosteel Group intends to free transfer of shares to Chengtong holdings, new investment in the country and in the oil group, the transfer of shares accounted for 2.45% of the total equity of listed companies, 2.45% and 4.86%. It has also been interpreted as the industry, the founder of the two sides for the initial restructuring plan was adopted at the general meeting to pave the way". In addition, at the beginning of the proposed restructuring plan does not involve the resettlement of personnel, Wuhan Steel shares all employees labor contract will be inherited by the new company and the performance of its subsidiary employees and the enterprise labor relations will remain unchanged. Outside attention to the current situation of competition with the industry, only an officially put into operation of the project planning and sales of products may be combined with the listed company after the merger. Voting rights "transfer" "First Financial Daily" reporters from the office was informed that the merger of Baosteel Wuhan Steel shares of stock is one of the core contents of the restructuring plan. After the completion of the convertible, Wuhan Steel shares all the assets, liabilities, existing business and personnel will be dedicated to the merger and reorganization of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group subsidiary succession, after delivery, all the shares of the company will also by Baosteel control. However, according to the plan implementation is the premise of the convertible program officially announced, the two listed companies in the general meeting of shareholders was voted through. Wind information data show that as of June 30, 2016, Baosteel Group holds 79.737% stake in Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group holds shares of Wuhan Iron and Steel shares of 57.66%. Two groups have their own absolute right to speak of listed companies". But people familiar with the listing process of the company told reporters, because of the two group is the stakeholders need to abstain from voting, exchange program through the right of small shareholders in the hands of the actual master. However, in June 26th this year after the reorganization was announced in six or seven months, a free transfer of shares move Baosteel, WISCO, the restructuring plan for naturally or half unconsciously by the deployment". According to the announcement of Listed Companies in February this year, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group intends to hold 500 million shares shall be transferred to the Chinese ocean shipping (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "COSCO Group"), accounting for about koron

14Priced at 7.49-10.19 yuan, geely vision SUV officially listed – Sohu car|Priced at 7.49-10.19 yuan, geely vision SUV officially listed – Sohu car6

The price of 7.49-10.19 yuan, geely vision SUV officially listed – Sohu automobile August 28th, Geely in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other 100 cities simultaneously held a vision of the SUV listing ceremony. The listing of two kinds of displacement of a total of 6 models, priced at $-10.19 million, the actual subsidy on the purchase of the car manufacturer is 71 thousand and 900 -10.19 million. As Geely launched this year, the third SUV models, geely vision SUV upgrade on the GX7 platform to build, positioned in the home happy SUV". Listed on the same day, the first batch of new prospects SUV officially delivered to the user, to show the prospect of SUV listed hot selling hot start. In addition, the same day also launched a vision of the lucky SUV student action, funded 100 poor students to achieve the dream of the University, and start the project to help poverty. Dynamic appearance, comfortable interior use SUV in front of the Geely geely vision family "water ripple" grille design, double U type engine cover design and "paper" grille shape outline SUV like nature itself, a sense of power. Streamer crystal headlamps with blackened, equipped with compass type LED lamp looks sporty and sense of science and technology. The side of the body and wing waist from the front wheel eyebrow, in the taillights, the overall lines outline awaistline, and hood muscle sense echoes, with new streamlined Aluminum Alloy rack and dynamic light Aluminum Alloy Bauhinia fancy hub. In interior design, the new three steering wheel with ergonomic. Luxury green soft slush soft touch interior. The console, dashboard, door at the side of water drawing decoration decoration board, car speakers, cruise control buttons, steering wheel decoration, storage box paper pad, the air outlet is full of Chinese FRET fretwork interior elements. The seat from the auto parts supplier Johnson, the high-end PVC leather package, full consideration of ergonomics, headrest molding, seat soft foam double density design, both comfort and support. Rear seat back with the best angle of 115 degrees, on the ride comfort is also enough effort. In addition, high-definition 9 inch LCD touch screen, support 1080P HD video, a 3.5 inch TFT dashboard can display tire pressure, tire temperature, fuel consumption and other information. Power enough, mute upgrade on the power, the prospect of SUV equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and 1.3T turbocharged engine, respectively, matching 5 block manual transmission or 8 speed CVT cvt. 5 speed manual transmission from it, while the 8 speed CVT transmission from the bunch, the smooth shift of high power output, coherent and linear, reduce fuel consumption. 1.3T turbo engine was named "China heart ten engine, maximum power of 98kW, maximum torque of 185N· m, 0 rotating turbine can easily intervene, 1 turn reached the maximum torque, 100 km fuel consumption is only 6.3L. In terms of power control, Geely far R