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2016 self driving Eurasia — Domestic – tourism Sohu Ventura: Mike Chen Meng (Chen Yong): WeChat chinachenyong across the Eurasian car, I am no longer a person to travel, but a team, so the road is no longer lonely. Because of the small ha before departure, is still in Shanghai port, did not mention it, so small HA can not go. My route is from Chengdu, from Shaanxi to Inner Mongolia, from Manchuria, russia. The trip will pass through Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Holland, and finally arrived in Germany, is expected to travel 16000 km. The car D1: Chengdu – Xi’an road mountain tunnel, 80100 speed, speed is not fast. The evening arrived in the ancient city of Xi’an to clean up, of course is to go to the drum tower next to the street. Jia three soup dumplings is a specialty here, but as the general taste. Today’s route map: Europe car D2: Xi’an – Erdos morning departure from Xi’an through Yanan by the way to taste the stew old village, taste really good. Arrived in Ordos when it was seven. The night to feel the new city to Kangbashi in the legend of the ghost town of Erdos. Did not expect that the night is beautiful, urban planning is very good, worth a visit. Today’s road map: Asia Europe drive D3: Ordos – Hohhot today’s trip is relatively easy, a total of only more than and 300 km. Morning to the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan which is the first generation of the Empire of Mongolia Gen Gi Khan Khan yiguanzhong after Gen Gi Khan’s death, his clothes, tents, bows and other relics shipped to Yijinhuoluo on the prairie and Dahl Hu people in the funeral wake, a guard is 800 years, keep the lamp was burning in the tomb has been destroyed. It is 40 kilometers away from Ordos city. Arrive in Hohhot at five p.m.. Today’s route: Hohhot – Eurasian car D4 Chifeng yesterday to have a good rest, began to hurry today, although full speed, but more than and 800 kilometers, is not easy. In the middle of Huailai County tasted the stone fish and Roast Chicken afternoon after the North six ring, and the capital to pass the time has arrived in Chifeng 7 night. Taste the local snacks. Today’s route: Chifeng – Eurasian car D5 Ulanhot walked more than and 100 km high-speed today, the rest is 500 km highway. But the dart is also good, the middle belt, the speed also can run, finally arrived at the destination at four p.m.. Today is the first day to rest. Ulanhot, the theme of the restaurant environment is also good, retro in the last century in 20s and 30s, the era of the Republic of Shanghai. The feeling is not to eat, but to cross. Today’s route from Asia to Europe drive to Germany D6: Ulanhot – Hulun Buir.相关的主题文章: