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.puters-and-Technology 3D Photocopiers are not like .mon photocopying machines. Although most of these are costly since the concept itself is not .mercially available yet, it is still a good investment if .pany budget permits it. Units which uses 3D technology involves the actual object while traditional ones copies only replicas of the object through an image already photographed and saved prior to copying. Although copying had evolved from black and white to colored copies, 3D photocopying is revolutionary and is still in the introductory phase as far as the consumer public is concerned. From the last time we’ve checked, one brand surfaces as the father of 3D Photocopiers. Ortery had pioneered the use of this technology since 2008. It offers a line of office photo machines with the Photosimile 5000 as its latest. It is easy to use. Connect the microwave looking machine to a .puter via the USB port. Place the target item inside the photocopier. Initiate the photocopying process and you can choose from 72 copied pictures shot on a three dimensional view. The equipment takes photos through an internal 10.1 megapixel Canon DLSR camera whose position can be maneuvered through the .puter. During picture shoot stage, it rotates on a 360 degree view due to a fully .puter controlled turntable which allows 100 different angles of the material to be captured. It uses 6,500K fluorescent lamps in its light box to get a perfect lighting system. Files can be saved afterwards in GIF or Flash formats. You can also use Microsoft’s Silverlight animation system included in Ortery’s photocopier machine for a 3D format finish. This innovative product is on sale now after two years since it was first manufactured. $17,000 sounds costly, but for businesses which require accuracy and detailed input, as well as professionally finished product and efficiency, this is a worthy purchase. Efficiency is gained as Photosimile copies faster than regular machines do. The Photosimile, categorized along other products under studio as the inventor .pany calls it because it functions like a real photography studio does. The studio itself is the microwave looking photocopier machine. Pictures are taken like a professional photographer does it. Elements of light, shadowing, background, and angles are ac.plished by the internal camera. 3D editing, lay out, and .position afterwards will surely result to a professionally made output. When accuracy was mentioned, it meant even the most trivial of details can be emphasized with the 3D enhancement technology available in this product. A good example is a piece of clothing which needs minimal improvement like the addition of a sequin but requires the item to be glued only in specific spot. Herewith, you get accuracy in detail when photocopied and emailed samples places highlight where it should exactly be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: