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South Korea, found not the same when Jeju Island tourism Sohu went to Jeju Island for the first time in May this year, remember that every day in Jeju Island blue sky. Jeju Island has always been able to forget the color of the sea, in the light of the sun is how beautiful. Jeju Island, South Korea’s Chinese passport is free of charge, as long as ready to return to air tickets and hotel reservation information, complete the entry card, basically no problem release. When I was in Jeju Island for the two time, I was very successful, and I didn’t ask a question. This is the first station of Jeju Island travel play kpop Korean museum is what Korean museum experience is that you can in here with a lot of famous Korean star "close contact", such as singing holographic super true will, with the stars love the interactive photo shoot, together in the studio recording, dance and so on. Love Korean will let you play away. The second time to see the holographic concert, and this time is to look at the birds uncle, BigBang and other stars. Because many students live, they’re completely the holographic concert as a live concert!! the atmosphere is really great. And a group photo with GD again, still very real wood! Not only is GD, and Mourinho, BigBang and other Korean stars. The environment design is very stylish and gorgeous, light is this layer play awfully. Duty free shop this is a newly opened, visitors are not particularly many of the Jeju tourist tax free shop. Mom I’ll never have to worry about being in the duty-free shop to crush ~ basically most wanted products here are available, some price seems to be cheaper than other duty-free shops in a 1-2. For me the most important thing is, here you can slowly pick, because few people do not jostle with others. Address: 6 floor of Lotte Jeju Hotel recently "the sun descended" trend has no past, duty-free shops set up a "seed" sun film area, you can wear with Obama in Song Joong Ki opera costumes to take photos as like as two peas Oh ~ to have a drama addiction. In addition to a number of well-known Korean brands of skin care cosmetics, there are many foreign brands of clothing bags. Note: in addition to the Korean brands, foreign brands purchased in duty-free shops are required to take delivery of the goods at the airport on the day they leave korea. The tiger does not leave the volcano every autumn this season a large purple grass is especially beautiful, the tiger does not leave this place is pretty much drama viewfinder. There are a lot of parasitic volcano in Jeju Island, but the tiger does not leave, the rest are all after the outbreak of the volcano covered by magma accumulation, only the tiger does not leave the volcano, the volcano erupted lava and volcano ash not ejected by rock protection, the formation of the hole, this is called the volcano Maar volcano in South Korea, only this one, the world is also very rare. Dry autumn purple grass and distant lush green trees form the distinctive contrast相关的主题文章: