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Chinese export a variety of anti stealth radar F22 and F35 have no place to hide (Figure) – Sohu military channel map information: 2016 China airshow display a variety of air defense radar. Reference News Network reported on November 13th: British media said, the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Chinese main radar manufacturers showcase a variety of air defense radar in 2016 China airshow, the company claimed that the radar can be found in low visibility aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor stealth fighter II fighter aircraft and F-35 "lightning". According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website on November 11th quoted Chinese media reported that these are against the radar stealth capabilities of any country to do export promotion. Reported that, although Zhuhai hosted the 2016 show not China Electronic Technology Group Corporation first show this kind of hardware, but the display equipment reflects some commentators China said to some extent, that is China in production can be found in the stealth aircraft radar has become a world leader. Although the public display, but the performance characteristics of the data supporting this cutting-edge technology and not so with extreme ease. The anti stealth radar typically operates at frequencies below 1 thousand MHz, since the low visibility aircraft is designed to minimize the cross section of the radar on the S, C, and X bands. China Electronic Technology Research Institute of Nanjing at the forefront of radar project of China Electronic Technology Group Corporation, the production of two sets of radar — YLC-8B and SLC-7 on display at the Zhuhai air show. Reported that, although YLC-8B has been unveiled at the Zhuhai air show in 2014 this year, but SLC-7 is the debut. The display of the largest radar is JY-27A, which is a kind of radar operating in the VHF band, the use of electronic scanning in azimuth and elevation to provide three-dimensional coverage. China Electronic Technology Group Corporation claims that the radar can be a high positioning accuracy of long-range air surveillance, and has a strong electronic warfare capabilities. With more and more combat aircraft with low visibility, the demand for radar capable of dealing with this stealth is likely to grow. Although China Electronic Technology Group Corporation claims to be the world leader in the field, it also produces similar equipment. Reported that, although the radar volume inevitably run in the V UHF band is larger, but the design of their strong mobility, and the assembly time is short, these problems have been a major restricting factors of these radar faces. Although the use of more low frequency radar against stealth aircraft, but the challenge is how not to be found, in order to achieve a goal of providing weapons to destroy the positioning accuracy of fire control plan required. However, it is not clear that China Electronic Technology Group Corporation can effectively into the air defense system in the radar extent, provide guidance for the use of higher frequency command on the homing missile.相关的主题文章: