Xinhua News Agency in the new long march forward courageously helmet怎么读

Xinhua News Agency: the original title in the long march forward courageously new: Xinhua commentator: in the new long march forward courageously Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 23 October, every generation with each generation of long road, every generation must take their own long road. Today, the long march of our generation is to achieve the "two years of one hundred" goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream." In the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army memorial meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping on the party and the country’s overall development, from the ideals and beliefs, development path, relying on the people, the overall situation, strengthening the party six aspects made a profound interpretation, put forward clear requirements, a good answer for us to carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, along today’s long road this is a major topic of the times to provide follow thought and practice. History is moving forward, the long march is always on the road. Today, China’s progress and development, is to come out from the long march. Compared with the year of the Red Army, we have compared with past since the reform and opening up the new Long March, today’s long march in environmental conditions, although there are some differences even are very different, but the task is still arduous. From the completion of a comprehensive well-off society benefiting billions of people to work together to build a common destiny of mankind, from leading the new normal economic development to promote the supply side structural reforms are groundbreaking, arduous and complicated work. The new long march road, more demanding that we do not slack, forge ahead, and strive to create a new development board. The blueprint has been drawn, the Endeavour was then. Today take the road march, ideal faith is ahead of navigation road Chinese characteristic socialism is the only way which must be passed to victory. The common ideal of the lofty ideal of communism and the only firm China socialism, adhere to the faith we can not shake the stormy, thought concentration, excitation power conservation practice, struggle together together. Firm "four confidence", can be found along the right direction, invention, innovation, progress, and constantly create a new situation in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Take the long road today, everything for the people, everything depends on the people is the source of strength. The Red Army to win the war, people are backing. The new long march on the road, only the hearts of the people in the highest position, so that reform and development more and more equitable benefit all people, consolidate the great unity of the people of all ethnic groups in the country, majestic power can let all Chinese people burst out of unity has become a powerful force for National rejuvenation. Today take the road march, grasp the direction, the overall situation is the path to victory. The long march is the grass is lofty mountains and steep hills, wasteland, but every trip, every fight from the strategic overall situation, to win victory in the war and the strategic initiative. This is a kind of spirit, is also a kind of wisdom. The new Long March, two to co-ordinate domestic and international situations, and the party and the country’s overall development, coordinate and promote the development of the cause, to seize the strategic key, key breakthrough, in order to win the strategic initiative, to maintain a good overall development. With the party strong army targets under the new situation for the lead, and strive to build with China’s international status, with the interests of national security and development to adapt to consolidate national defense and a powerful army, in order to promote and safeguard national security.相关的主题文章: