Abe’s visit to the United States and Cuba will be with Raul · talks with Mr. Castro 1926年属相�

Abe’s visit to the United States and Cuba will be with Raul ·, talks with Mr Castro: Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. China News Agency reporters Du Yang and she photo September 18, according to Japanese media reports, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo will visit the United States and Cuba from 18 onwards. He will make a speech at the general meeting of the United Nations General Assembly and hold summit talks. Reported that Andouble will be 18 local time in the afternoon to take the government plane, fly from Haneda airport to Tokyo, New York. Foreign minister Kishida Fumio will attend the 18 visit to the United States, Japan and South Korea foreign ministers talks. Andouble and U.S. President Obama will attend the 20 meeting of the relevant issues of refugees, so may be a brief conversation. Andouble will hold bilateral talks with European and Asian leaders. In addition, Andouble prepared to speak at the Security Council meeting on the situation in Syria. Local 21, Abe will deliver a speech at the General Assembly general debate. Andouble will arrive in Cuba 22 days local time, during his visit with the Cuban State Council president Raul Castro held summit talks. Andouble will be the first Japanese Prime Minister to visit Cuba, is expected to reach a consensus on strengthening the economic relations between the two countries through the removal of huge debts.相关的主题文章: