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Hao Ding Huijin: 10.14 midnight oil asphalt market fine evaluation precision of interpretation release Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! News: the current price of international crude oil is in the intraday shock, the two crude oil futures prices intraday diving more than 1.5[%] refresh day after the lowest low and quickly pulled up a new intraday high. Finally, the United States crude oil 0.87[%] up to $50.90 a barrel, Brent crude oil prices at 0.58[%] to $51.96 a barrel. Although the United States display before the announcement of EIA inventory report, U.S. crude oil inventories since the end of August this year for the first time the bed one week increase, but in the United States in 48 states (not including Alaska and Hawaii) crude oil production has reduced the lowest point in more than two years. Both sides of antagonism so obviously aggravate. Reversal of the continuous downward trend in September. Huijin felt had on average expected the week inventories increased 250 thousand barrels. The American Petroleum Institute (API) report released on Wednesday showed an increase of 2 million 700 thousand barrels of inventory this week. Analysis of crude oil technology: from the daily view day oil short oil prices counter to stabilize above the $50 mark, but today in the bull support oil prices once again hit $51 mark, currently running on the K Bollinger band rail above and through the 5 day moving average rose MA5, MA10 average pay MACD run, MACD index in the 0 axis. The intersection of MACD run, red column kinetic energy shrinkage weakened, random index down, see high oil prices in 5, 10, 20 above average continued to rise from four hours online, MA5 MA10 on average $50.25 at MACD running on the MACD index in the 0 axis above MACD run, red can volume is weak, short trend of consumption watch out; and bull trend hours online is more obvious, when oil prices under the difficult to force waiting for the U.S. disc coming days has recorded a sharp rise, As for the night market is long but that Huijin will not rise much, is expected to trend rangebound, as for the operating ideas still suggest stepped back to do more, the trend of asphalt and crude oil as a platform between two point conversion! You choose the teacher at the same time, I also choose customers. I get up at half past six every morning, 2 in the morning to sleep, a daily average of almost 18 hours to stare, to remind customers a single customer, can be done to do your own thing, all by me to the point to remind his documentary. Spend so much energy, but can not make money, the customer wants me to use? I would rather easily sleep a day. I’m the one you trust in me, I’ll never let you down. Don’t do it, do it best. Wen Haoding: WeChat haodinghuijin into Sina [Huijin financial shares] discussion相关的主题文章: