Aletai, Xinjiang snow mountain snow lasted more than 1 meters to break the extreme 特命战队go busters

Xinjiang Aletai mountain snow blizzard continued more than 1 meters to break extreme Beijing new network in Aletai in November 15, (Zhang Junqiang Wang Kuan Tong Huihui Han Ling Re Yizha) on November 9th to 15, sustained snowstorm in Xinjiang Aletai area, Aletai City, Buerjin, Qinggil, and other cities and counties Fuyun snow depth of 25 cm to 34 cm, in mountain area it is up to 50 cm to 110 cm, the snow depth were broken in November historical maximum. At present, the snow continues. The local traffic department for 24 consecutive hours of uninterrupted operation, cleaning and removal of snow. Affected by the snowstorm, Altay Airport runway has been closed, flights from Aletai to Urumqi has been canceled. In order to prevent the disaster, on the morning of 15, Aletai meteorological observatory called the civil affairs, agriculture, animal husbandry, land and Tourism Department, the meteorological consultation, and blue warning to yellow. Aletai meteorological observatory deputy director Qi Guiying said, Aletai city and the eastern counties Blizzard to continue until 16, Blizzard weather will be on the highway, railway, civil aviation and animal husbandry production has brought very serious impact. It is reported that since the days of Blizzard, Aletai transportation system, in the territory of Aletai highway, has dispatched a rescue team of 88 people, a total of 505 thousand and 700 cubic meters of snow cleaning, 38 rescue vehicles, rescue 175 people. (end)相关的主题文章: