The French – made + + Wulong Cavani broke Paris back injury 3 frame 4-0 victory 木村kaela

The French – made + + Wulong Cavani break back injury 4-0 win over Paris, to celebrate the goal of sina Cavani sports news Beijing time 3:45 on November 7th in box 3 (France local time 6, 20:45), the twelfth round of the French started the final 2 games, 4 to 0 victory over Paris Saint Germain home court lane, nearly 8 Round 7 games without conceding a goal in 8 consecutive games. The official game unbeaten. He scored 1 goals and making oolong, but then the injured. As the leader in nice away 0 1 lost to Caen, Paris top and narrow the gap to 3 points. Ryan had 4 consecutive unbeaten in the opening 3 minutes, first create a threat, Gourcuff left back, Enterp 12 meters in front of Trapp volley was confiscated. After Di Maria cut shot wide of the near post. Di Maria corner, Tiago – Silva nodded the ball before being destroyed by Fernandes at the near post. Cavani celebrates Paris thirty-first minutes ahead, Di Maria on the right corner, Cavani in front of a small angle header hit the crossbar, call upon Fernandes refracts into the net, 1 than 0. Forty-second minutes after Fernandes returns unexpectedly directly to Cavani, Cavani 25 meters in front of the direct lob over the goalkeeper into the net, 2 than 0! But he was injured and out of the outside, the bench. The second half, Di Maria restricted the right headlamp -. Tiago Mota replaced Edie dismount. Di Maria Road, ball, Oriyah on the right side of the beam 27 meters away from the door in heavy shelling along the bounce! Paris sixty-seventh minutes to expand the score, Di Maria cross, Rabbi Austria 28 meters in front of left foot volley, the ball was Kirsti M fingertips a prop rolled into the lower left corner, 3 to 0. For small Lucas Ben arfa. Paris seventy-first minutes again in the column, Di Maria out of the free kick, Tiago – pad to the head of the, Oriyah, Oriyah hit the crossbar! Paris seventy-ninth minutes of icing on the cake, Di Maria back into the restricted area on the right side of the left foot, outside instep pass, Hesse shovel Kongmen never encountered, but Ben Alpha got the ball on the left side of the bottom pick, Vilati penalty volley into the bottom right corner, 4 to 0. In stoppage time, Paris in the third time frame, Marx’s cross from the left, Tiago – Mota 8 meters in front of the ball hit the left post header. Paris (4-3-3): Trapp O Lille, Maggini Aus, Tiago, Silva, Maxwell Vera Siti, Mattu Edie (Rabbi Austria, 61’Tiago – Mota Lucas (69′), Ben ARFA (45+2′) Cavani Hesse), Di Maria (Marquet)相关的主题文章: