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The first group of 25 years of deep plowing Australia   innovative design award — real estate — original title in the local first group: 25 years of deep plowing Australia 18 km north of Sydney, New South Wales district (Pymble), Peabo Wen (Avon) a hillside Road No. 1 on the edge of a small house, there are quite distinctive. This is the first project of the first group (One Avon Pymble) Po company sales offices. The first of the end of last year sales of high-end residential projects, provide the poetic dwelling, walk through the forest of quality housing for local consumers, currently has more than half of sales. This is the first group in Australia one of the many development projects. Since the beginning of 1991, 25 years, the first group to "go into", have gained a firm footing in australia. Australia will be the first tentacles in recent years, many domestic developers began to Australia nuggets". As the old state-owned Beijing first group, as early as 1991, landing in australia. The last century at the end of 80s, the first group to undertake the Italy government in cooperation with the government’s plans, China garden project. "At that time, some of the building materials we were introduced from abroad were shocked, and we had the idea of going out and learning from others." The first group official said. In 1991, the first group of companies engaged in opal project development in Australia, and in 1995 and 1998 in Sydney has built the Capital Mansion and Baohua building, total construction area of 16 thousand square meters and 35 thousand square meters. In 2009, after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the first group boldly won first International Building (The Quay) block. The project is located in the southern tip of the city of Sydney,, China Town Center, for commercial and residential complex, 4 floors underground, the ground floor of the 18, with a total construction area of about 50 thousand square meters, a total of 286 apartments. April 2012, the project opened, sales of more than 230 million Australian dollars. Today, the first International Building project has been delivered, which marks the first group of overseas business over the past few years has been the tradition of holding property management, re entered the field of real estate development. At the end of last year, the first high-grade residential project opened, half the time you have more than half of sales. At present, there is a first project in Sydney CBD sasher Street No. 286, the future will become the local high-quality hotel apartment complex, including 95 hotel rooms and 160 residential apartments. The innovative design award in the first International Building has become a local landmark of Sydney city Chinese domain. Walk into the downtown side of the community, the basement is a large supermarket, go is the north and south two residential towers. Looking out of the window, you can see the shadow of Hong kong. Is located in the base of the residential garden, although small, but compact layout, small bridges, trees, barbecue in the middle, but also for residents gathered in this barbecue. According to the person in charge of the first group of Australia project introduction, building design first International Building project "L" shape, the north and south two residential towers toward the Northeast open, fully expanded view)相关的主题文章: