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Hongkong veteran Xia Meng died at the age of 84 – Sohu news November 3, 2016 at six in the morning, Shanghai host Cao Kefan in his micro-blog released a message to mourn the performance of the Hongkong artist. Hongkong film artist Xia Meng died at the age of 84. Xia Meng, formerly known as Yang Meng, born in Shanghai in February 16, 1933, native of Jiangsu Suzhou, is the chief actress 50-60 in the last century Hongkong the Great Wall movie studios, Hongkong Bluebird movie production limited partner, film producer, representative of Hongkong is also in the left wing films. Xia Meng Xia Meng starred in 38 films, was Hongkong’s largest left-wing film Great Wall Co headed top. In 1967, Xia Meng in the most beautiful time to bid farewell to the screen, moved overseas. She was the "Star" in the minds of many Hongkong stars". 2014 is the 65 anniversary of Xia Meng film, the Shanghai born "star of stars" back to Shanghai, and the old fans to celebrate. In November 15, 2014, Xia Meng was still in Huaihailu Road Sanlian Bookstore held book signings. That night, Xia Meng in the Yi Fu ornamental by Ma Yuqi, and Zhang Zhibin Wen Ruhua, Kou Chunhua Peking Opera starring senior traditional opera "Mei Yu with". In November 16th, Xia Meng held a fan meeting at the film museum, the 10 year old than the old Qin Yi, also as a "fan" to congratulate her on her behalf, as well as in the film museum in the year of the year of the year, in. November 15, 2014, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, 82 year old film artist Xia Meng interview with reporters. Surging news reporter Wang Chentu 17 year old moved to Hongkong with his family at the age of. Xia Meng grew up watching Peking Opera Troupe, is home to the stage. In my spare time, I like watching movies, singing, dancing and acting. The campus is she begin to display talents literary backbone, won everyone’s admiration. Xia Meng was educated in Hongkong Maryknoll convent school, and director Yuan Yangan maomei female students. Yuan Yangan asked her students to film, there is no suitable for acting, maomei recommended that tall, face is beautiful Xia Meng. In Great Wall Co, according to Yuan Yangan’s "A Midsummer Night’s dream" the inspiration to the later stage name Mengqi yang. This name just confirms the Xia Meng dignified and delicate, gentle and elegant temperament. A pair of her phoenix eye circulation Chinese belongs to the classical beauty charm, three-dimensional facial features and make the tough people with a lively and playful. To speak of Xia Meng, fans are more willing to compare her to the east of the · of Audrey ". In November 15, 2014, Xia Meng, 82, a film performance artist in Shanghai, was signed in a photo kept by fans. Surging news reporter Wang Chentu Xia Meng was hired a green hand director Li Pingqian, starring Han Fei and the screen debut "marriage ban", although the heroine movie was made for Li Lihua who just left, but Xia Meng was the young woman a green hand character is very lively. Remember the first time when the experience of the protagonist, Xia Meng smiled and said he had never studied acting, but the studio is never nervous, "the director and the audience will think I am very natural." Because.相关的主题文章: