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The 4 signs of labor, premature birth and maternal pregnant women must know – Sohu in late pregnancy, women need to do at any time with the baby to meet. In China, women with 5%-12% will be premature, in order to prevent premature birth, women should learn more about the production of common sense, to understand the clinical signs. If there is a small amount of bleeding bleeding in women, this is the sign of labor. However, if it is a large amount of savings or cervical hemorrhage, which are not normal bleeding, which indicates a premature birth. At this time, we should first use the tampon to stop bleeding, and then quickly to the hospital, to avoid the occurrence of unexpected situations. The abdomen becomes more rigid during the 8 months of pregnancy, the abdomen will often become more rigid, which means that you may be premature. The main symptoms: the abdomen, especially the lower abdomen, constantly repeated soft, hard, and abdominal muscles become stiff, while women will be accompanied by a feeling of fullness. This time, be sure to go to the hospital immediately, to avoid the risk of their own and baby. Abnormal uterine contractions are also signs of premature labor. During a woman’s pregnancy, the uterus is in a relaxed state. In the later stages of pregnancy, the uterus contracts 3-6 times a day. At this time, pregnant women will feel the stomach and hard, but will not feel pain. If the number of abnormal uterine contractions, each hour will shrink 3-5 times, indicating that the premature birth, should immediately go to the hospital to observe. There are warm water inside the body of things out of the water belongs to the symptoms. Some women can still birth after early broken water. But it is worth reminding that, if the symptoms appear to go to the hospital immediately. If the water is broken and accompanied by pain, this is likely to be premature, the need to immediately waist high, do not move the abdomen, and immediately go to the hospital. If there are several symptoms during pregnancy, need to go to the hospital immediately, do not delay, so as not to harm themselves and their babies.相关的主题文章: