Five flower private flower really so hard Which school can your child read 姉summer

"Five flower private flower" really so hard? Your child can read about five private schools which flower flower, has been a "legend" the beginning of a small rise, every interview is the most difficult, the most intense competition, export performance is one of the best five schools, by name, Chengdu parents with five private flower flowers include: Jiaxiang, into the outside, outside the school, in a normal university, xichuan. It is a year or quarter, five private flower flower once again become the focus of attention, whether the schools where? Is it really so hard to study? The truth is this: 20 years to develop 8 provincial champion; Jiaxiang for 11 consecutive years won the championship 4 consecutive years the province’s senior high school entrance examination, the rate of foreign arts champion; advantages in light weight paper become an independent school of the environment; Sichuan middle school teaching in small classes, specialty, and by the parents social approval; Normal University in key senior high school entrance examination rate for 5 consecutive years exceeded 85%, ranked the top three in Chengdu city. 1 five flower flower private monopoly rate before this year five key senior high school entrance examination of Chengdu private schools ranked in the top five key senior high school entrance examination rate of the school is just five private flower flower, Jiaxiang is the highest in Jinjiang, reached 96.7%, as though the focus seems to be five flower flower private rate lowest, but to go to China and the international high school a lot of students, so it is the key rate looks slightly lower number. You know, the focus of the annual test in Chengdu on-line rate of about 30%, the focus of these schools can only reach the rate of 80-90%, how to let parents heart? 2 explain the five private flower flower, the Chengdu foreign language school: foreign language characteristic, advantage into abroad as the first foreign language characteristics of Sichuan province high school, foreign language teaching can be said to be the best Sichuan school, not only in English, also includes a small language. As is the 13 with unripe qualification of the school, there are more than and 100 people for every year, accounting for more than 90% of Chengdu walked places. Now many schools are introducing foreign language teaching model and teaching team. The characteristics of foreign language teaching, but also the achievement of the advantages of foreign studies abroad, many students intend to go abroad to study abroad. So far there have been 4 students were admitted to Harvard University for nine consecutive years has been admitted to the Ivy League school students. Into or out of the name of the champion school, 20 years to cultivate a champion in the province of the 8, while running a foreign language characteristics, the various disciplines of education has done well. So in general there are three ways to become a student, is a college entrance examination, but take walks, the three is to go abroad. Chengdu Jiaxiang foreign language: good mathematics in Jiaxiang since its inception in 2000, in recent years has been reached its peak. Senior high school entrance examination of 11 consecutive years, the college entrance examination rate of 4 consecutive. Although Jiaxiang is also a foreign language school, but in fact, the most advantage of mathematics, in Jiaxiang, mathematics will be a week, and very difficult. According to the parents, the experimental class math Institute in Jiaxiang, are basically to get the cup competition the first prize of the students. From the annual college entrance examination scores in Jiaxiang can be seen in the scientific aspects of the advantages. Science a rate even more than seven in the known to science, this year is to reach 99.30%, in all kinds of activities相关的主题文章: