Jinhua female tenant clothes often missing a pink skirt man was arrested on the spot 嘿嘿taxi

Jinhua female tenant clothes often missing a pink skirt man arrested female tenants drying clothes often missing results let people be startled at 70 year old this year, Jinhua Dongyang city south city streets village villagers strict old man, these days some unusual move. 2 in the morning, he did not sleep, but hiding in the room staring at the monitor screen, the picture is some stair corner dry female clothing, for several days in a row, a strict old man in squatting, seemed to be waiting for what…… Female tenants to dry clothes often inexplicably missing the morning of November 1st, the Dongyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jinhua city police station received a public warning: caught a thief stealing clothes in the southern city streets of the village. The police on duty police quickly rushed to the scene, saw the cold, a woman barefoot, is shivering, the other dressed in a pink skirt, a long shawl dancing in the wind, also wearing a pink coat. Police quickly took it to the room, but the woman looked up, can not help but also shocked the police, the other was a man. Look at the age, but also very young, and the so-called short skirt wig, are men’s dress. Aside, a strict old man began to complain, to catch each other, really suffered a lot. Originally, Yan man is the landlord, the family house is mainly used to rent, but in October this year at the beginning of this building, they dry clothes always missing which is rather baffling, strict old man to his home, there are tenants. At the beginning, Yan man did not care too much, after all, do not see the clothes is not worth the money, that is the tenant accidentally take the wrong, but many times after a strict old man found a strange place, missing, all female clothes. Monitoring watching is a woman that was actually a man caught a strict old man so check the monitor, finally found a suspicious place, several times, is around 2 in the morning, a woman walked into the door of their home, turn on the stairs corner away on the outside to dry clothes. Yan man angry, he wanted to have a "stolen goods and was", so every morning, he did not sleep, specifically at monitoring. Until the early morning of November 1st, the woman finally appeared again. The old man woke the sleeping Yan son, and notify the village guard who came to help catch the thief. In the "woman" was reached for stealing clothes, "waiting" has long been a strict old man and all caught. The thief caught, let us surprise is that this so-called female thief was a big man. The police in his residence found more than and 200 pieces of clothing for women in the police station, the man admitted stealing women’s clothes in his account, his name is Guizhou people, 19 years old this year, at present, workers in Dongyang. Since late June this year, little Mo has repeatedly in the southern city streets large village area residents, stealing women on the outside to dry clothes, in order not to be recognized, he put on clothes every time a woman, wearing a wig, in order not to let people hear the sound, also deliberately do not wear shoes. Little mo generally 12 points from the night out, carry;相关的主题文章: