Li Qi hand Award for best producer noisy Arai original issue (video) 月丘うさぎ

Li Qi hand Award for best producer "noisy" Arai original issue [Abstract] the chaokuaigan rhythm of the single "Go Go Go" preheating, and the first round of the new lyric rock style "monotonous" title, Li Qi 2016 album re released a lyric masterpiece, today the black "noisy" officially released songs. Li Qi "MV" Indoorsman reduction Indoorsman sun life entertainment Tencent following the single "chaokuaigan preheating rhythm of Go Go Go", and the first round of the new lyric rock style "monotonous" title, Li Qi 2016 album re released a Lyric masterpiece. Today, composed by Li Qi himself, black love songs "award for Best Album Producer wells eleven noisy sword production shortage" officially released. Good sound champion with top producer, Li Qi and Arai for the first time the cooperation has burst out a surprising spark. Li Qi convergence with deep emotional experience will be singing, after a quarrel the weakness and cut all at a loss. At the same time, the shortage of producer well in this song himself as a drummer, echoing Li Qi’s interpretation, two people tacit perfect cooperation, make the first unique style of the song to the heart. Li Qi worried for the original "noisy", Arai sword production pro as drummer Li Qi 2016 album in second main lyric. The song "noisy" a change or vent or sad songs, with the most common feelings of the quarrel as details of the starting point, like a tangled heart tired and struggling, will the quarrel reflect with disturbing way straightforward expression. Li Qi’s creative strength is a surprise, the first song of the composer himself from the Li Qi of the emotional problems of a reflection of my own, I think that the first time in. When it comes to the original intention of creation, Li Qi said: "when I wrote this song, the people around me were going through some arguments. Is it really just two people? We will make a mistake, a different gift, a friend or family…… Any "other things" and "other" people are likely to become a reason to quarrel, then that was a good never abandon exhausted in this system, an argument. Think so, I feel a little noisy." For the song "noisy", Li Qi’s definition is black, and the other lyric songs after their creation is different: "I think" noisy "deeper, because it will lead to a number of people including my own thinking. The chorus of the song, I choose to use the comparative convergence of singing, rather than put out the catharsis of singing. It’s more like a struggle and confusion after a quarrel. The state will not listen to anything, any sound will be noisy." The first deep black love song, also by the award for Best Album Producer Arai Junichi Li Qi personally making and recording. After communicating with Li Qi, the teacher suggested that the teacher to follow their own inner feelings of the most authentic to sing, and asked Li Qi, after the exhaustion of the performance of the show out of the fight after the fight, and then ask the teacher to follow up with the". To encourage the people’s trust, and Li Qi on the precise moderation their own songs mood, recording the progress of the work quite smoothly. After Li Qi tried several singing, soon caught the feeling, completely finished recording. In addition, as the famous percussionist producer shortage well:相关的主题文章: