By car said Jingqiang rich two generation installed unemployed men after cosmetic Piancaipianse helmet怎么读

By car said Jingqiang rich two generation installed unemployed men after cosmetic Piancaipianse original title: borrow Benz said Jingqiang rich two generations at the age of 25 with unemployed men after cosmetic Piancaipianse on the Internet, he is handsome flowers, Beijing two rich generation. In reality, he is unemployed, cheat nvwang…… 2014, Ms. Lee met a man named Qiu Jiaze by WeChat, the sun handsome young man, often in the circle of friends drying his Mercedes Benz photos. 1 months after they met on the Internet, they met. That night, because Qiu Zejia had a drink, they spent the night in Lee’s home. On the second day, Ms. Lee woke up and her house was ransacked. According to the police high-tech branch of High Road police station, the police station in 2016, several women received the alarm call, is a self proclaimed "Qiu Jiaze" the netizen deceived, the string and the case police discovered the theft occurred in October 4, 2014. Even more amazing to the police, the case of Qiu Jiaze fraud female friends as early as 2013 appeared in Xi’an, but has not been able to solve the case. Police arrested the man in September 20th. Man called Iraq a, 25 years old, Henan nationality, unemployed, no relatives in Xi’an, rely on cheat female friends to maintain wealth. 2014 has spent more than 10 thousand yuan plastic surgery, and then borrowed Mercedes Benz, shake a shake through to get to know the local young girls in Xi’an. "According to the victim, a mouth of a rock, claiming to parents is a businessman, he is a rich two generations." Police investigators said in a date, often fake mobile phone battery, mobile phone users use the female or female friends while waiting to steal; on the Restroom walk along the property; or while the female friends in shopping malls try clothes walk along the property. Once successful, immediately pulled into the blacklist of female friends. Police investigators said the police have implemented 8 cases, involving up to more than 6 yuan, many girls cheated Choi Choi cheated. From 2013 to date, an Iraqi crime is not the only 8, the police want the victim to the police station as soon as possible, the police will protect their privacy. China Daily reporter Xie Tao editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: