A new chapter of Ming Tze Tan long line market Geely store opened 追踪309

A new chapter of Ming Tze Tan long line market Geely store opened in   Long Tan Dian hall September 8th, Guangzhou Ming Chi Long Tan Geely 4S shop opened. As a new era of 3 boutique car Geely Automobile model shop, Long Tan Geely 4S stores the grand opening, not only will provide the full range of services more convenient for the vast number of consumers in Southern China, but also opened a new chapter in the development of Geely Automobile in Guangzhou first-tier cities, become a microcosm of Geely brand image and enhance the reputation of users.     the opening of the Long Tan Geely 4S shop is located in Panyu Avenue and the star road junction, occupy the Guangzhou auto sales center core area, a total investment of 20 million yuan, the site area of about 20000 square meters, is the first to the luxury car brand as the standard to build a new demonstration hall. The exhibition hall, customer service experience center set car repair stations, car replacement sales, car clubs and other functions, customers have VIP Rest Area, bar, bar, tea bar, cafe, children’s Park and other service facilities, first-class facilities, can be provided for the consumer experience hitherto unknown for consumers in Southern China.         live music         guests sign; guests approach although the overall automobile market downturn, many automobile brand dealers into a sales downturn, but Geely Automobile dealers are many started to increase investment, improve the hardware facilities, improve the service level, planning more the development of space. This year 1 to July, a total of 105 dealers joined Geely, which has 20 furniture by the joint venture brand operating experience, 17 furniture equipment brand operating experience, even dealers have abandoned the original joint venture brand franchise to Geely Geely Automobile dealers; in August 22nd, nine northwest city nine store is opened in this linkage, Geely the total number of dealers nationwide has reached 700. Data show that the profitability of Geely Automobile dealers continue to increase, the number of flat and profitable dealers accounted for more than 95%, accounting for more than 60% of the number of profitable dealers. According to the J.D.POWER 2016 China auto dealer satisfaction report, Geely Automobile dealers to complete the sales target confidence of 100%.   Tan Jili hall interior     Tan Jili   Tan Jili hall exhibition hall interior; long int   long int Tan Jili exhibition in the industry view, Geely dealers confidence emboldened, in addition to Geely and dealers in the years of development in the process of node under the long-term, stable, healthy partnership, also from Geely marketable products. In recent years, Geely Automobile constantly seeking transformation through strategic breakthrough, deepening development of toy cars, the successful launch of the brilliant, bullyear, imperial GS and three generation products selling models, products have a leap of progress. In August of this year, Geely Automobile sales totaled 382 thousand and 500, an increase of 22% over the same period, much higher than the industry growth rate; in August, Geely Automobile sales of the same, with the same number of vehicles in the same period in"相关的主题文章: