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"Who will complete the billion industry, Zhengzhou Jinyi took the banner – Fashion – people.com.cn supermodel Mao Chuyu in the Central Plains the original design, the flag of Zhengzhou Clothing Design Co. Ltd. on behalf of the creative team of designers in August 19th, sponsored by the Hongkong art group" Zhongyuan Textile billion industry cluster innovation development of Zhengzhou Summit "in Henan Zhengzhou artsound International Textile City grand held, including leaders and guests Chinese Textile Industry Association Branch of the many hundreds of people gathered in Zhengzhou to discuss plans for the development of Zhongyuan Textile billion industry clusters, so that the whole industry again focused the central plains. Artsound International Textile City and POP international network organizations signed "billion industry to find a breakthrough of Henan textile and clothing industry through the rapid development in recent years, the growth rate of so many people unexpectedly. According to recent reports in the Zhengzhou daily, the Henan textile industry in the country ranked in the top 7, nylon fiber, cellulose fiber production capacity in the domestic leading level, accounted for 16%, 22%; clothing products, knitted children’s wear pants in the country accounted for 50% of the left and right; have equipment, combing equipment for chemical fiber more than 50% of the national market, to provide a strong support for the Henan textile industry bigger and stronger. Artsound International Textile City chairman Chen Jinqing, vice president of Henan textile and clothing industry Jinyi group achieved this in addition to the industry association guidance, enterprise innovation, government support is one of the important reasons, in this forum, the Central Plains District Deputy Secretary Su Xigang said: "we remember the Central Plains District government has not lost in this industry, in accordance with the deployment of the Zhengzhou municipal government will make arrangements, the Central Plains area as the core area of Zhengzhou and west of downtown Zheng Dong New District fly side by side, the central government to seize this strategic opportunity, the development of the industry development plan of two industry clusters, to revive the textile and garment industry in the Central Plains area, build the textile and garment industry cluster qianyiji." Artsound staged in Shenzhen women’s wear shows how to implement a "billion industry cluster" is a topic of interest to everyone. First of all, Zhengzhou is not only the clothing production base, is also an important base of circulation, that is by virtue of professional market driven, it emerged today so many well-known brands, China Textile Industry Association vice president Qian Jin at the meeting pointed out that the current branch, Zhengzhou’s existing professional textile and garment market estimates of the total amount has exceeded 3 million, in addition to the old silver district, Southern China city and the new market. Ten years ago, especially in, Zhengzhou is an important textile and clothing transfer station in the national territory, in recent years, with the construction of a large number of the national circulation market, the market radiation surface greatly weakened. Although these are unfavorable factors, but also must see, with the establishment of Zhengzhou air port construction, the Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, and the implementation of M shaped high-speed rail planning have brought new opportunities to Zhengzhou. Implementation of the "2025 Chinese manufacturing" and "national Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, and let Zhengzhou by the "inland" into "Frontier City, as the East and west of Zhengzhou, the manufacturing industry is undoubtedly the greatest good. Ushered in a new opportunity. Secondly, in addition to the reform of the circulation field相关的主题文章: