U.S. media the United States on the hypersonic weapons to exceed China 3 years after the actual comb wegener肉芽肿

U.S. media: the United States in hypersonic weapons to combat Military Channel – Sohu global network reported on October 23rd China super military after 3 years: the "national interest" bimonthly website published in October 19th entitled "Sino US comparison: in the development of hypersonic weapons, China walking in front of the United States? The article said that the United States wants to lead China in hypersonic weapons. Hypersonic weapons can fly at 5 times the speed of sound, with kinetic warheads hit the target. The U. S. air force is likely to be around 2020 to obtain high-speed, long-range, deadly hypersonic weapons, 5 times the speed of sound to fly thousands of miles (about 1.6 km), to combat enemy targets. Greg Zachary, chief scientist of the air force? "Said the spy warrior" website in an interview: "the flight speed makes them very difficult to hit, and has strong ability to survive. They can fly long distances if they have enough fuel. They can fly 1 miles per second, so if we can provide 1000 seconds of fuel, they can fly 1000 miles in the battle which means strong rally capacity." The article said that although the air force and The Pentagon scientists have made great progress in hypersonic vehicles and weapons, but this technology has not yet reached the actual level. Zachary, added: "we are currently to improve technology, including all parts, guidance system, material science, gunpowder, heat conduction and so on all." Zachary, said, according to the current schedule, the air force would be in 2020 before and after a primary hypersonic weapon. In a few years, by the year 2030, the air force will be able to acquire hypersonic drones or reconnaissance aircraft. Zacarias also responded to China’s hypersonic weapons test. China’s hypersonic weapons test raises concerns among The Pentagon executives and risk analysts. The article said that although some The Pentagon officials said China made progress in the development of hypersonic weapons, but Zachary Yayse stressed that the progress of the details are confidential, could not be achieved through open channels. However, if China has a long-range, high-speed hypersonic weapons, it will significantly change the situation in the anti intervention area refused. This scenario includes the potential enemies to use remote sensors and precision strike weapons to make the United States in some important strategic areas – such as close to the enemy coast area – lost combat capability. Hypersonic weapons, for example, could pose a greater risk for moving relatively slow naval aircraft carriers. A report in the April 27th issue of the Washington freedom beacon website quoted The Pentagon officials as saying that China has successfully tested a new type of high-speed maneuvering warhead. The report said: "familiar with the relevant test report of the officials said the missile launch center in Wuzhai Chinese central, to monitor a ballistic missile launch, then detected in the development of" Dongfeng "-ZF hypersonic test flight sonic gliding aircraft. Satellite monitoring to the motor glider aircraft at a speed of thousands of miles per hour in the Chinese western region along the edge of the atmosphere to the flight." .相关的主题文章: