Zidane Real Madrid has been ahead of the end of the league defeat to Atletico in my responsibility 法拉利599gto

Zidane: Real Madrid has been ahead of the end of the league defeat to Atletico in my responsibility Zidane believes Real Madrid win has no hope of sina sports news Real Madrid 0-1 lost the derby, in a news conference after the match, the team coach Zidane admitted that the media, Real Madrid won the league’s journey ahead of the end. "Even though we have a league game to play next Wednesday, this season’s Spanish Liga is over for real madrid. We’re not going to lose this season. We still have challenges. That’s what I want to say." Zidane told reporters. After losing the game, the gap with the Real Madrid second Ma Jing has been widened to 4 points, if tomorrow Barcelona can win, then the gap with Barcelona Real Madrid will reach 12 points. As Zidane said, the first league champion after he took office has been drifting away. About today’s game, Zidane said: "today we played very hard, we lost the game. I’m very dissatisfied with what we’re playing today. Atletico also played in the Champions League on Wednesday, and their recovery time was shorter than ours, but looking at their performance on the court was obviously better than ours. We’re not good enough to prepare for this game. We need more running in the face of a team that played on Wednesday." Zidane hinted that Real Madrid will change, "next year there may be changes, players or coaches.". But now we have to go on, because we have a common goal." Zidane also said that he would go to sum up experience, make improvements: "the team lost in my responsibility, although the game is the player playing, but in my responsibility. I will make a good summary of the lessons of failure, and will not let these problems happen in the next game." A reporter asked why he will be replaced midfielder Benzema, Zidane replied: "some problems of the body of Benzema, he was unable to run, we do not want to bear the risk of injury, for the sake of insurance, I changed him down." (Marco)

齐达内:皇马联赛已提前结束 输给马竞责任在我 齐达内认为皇马夺冠已经无望了   新浪体育讯  皇马0-1输掉了同城德比,在赛后的新闻发布会上,球队主帅齐达内对媒体承认,皇马联赛夺冠之旅已经提前结束了。   “尽管我们下周三还有联赛要踢,但对皇马来说,本赛季的西甲联赛已经结束了。我们不会就此丢掉这个赛季,我们还有挑战。这就是我想说的话。”齐达内对记者说到。在输掉本场比赛之后,皇马同第二名马竞的积分差距已经被拉大到了4分,如果明天巴萨能够获胜,那么皇马同巴萨的积分差距将达到12分。正如齐达内所说,他上任之后的第一个联赛冠军已经渐行渐远了。   关于今天的比赛,齐达内说:“今天的比赛我们踢得非常困难,我们输掉了比赛。我对我们今天的发挥感到非常的不满意。马竞周三还踢了欧冠的比赛,他们的恢复时间比我们更短,但是看看他们在场上的表现,显然要比我们好的多。我们对本场比赛的准备做的不够好,面对一支周三踢过比赛的球队,我们需要更多的跑动才行。”   齐达内暗示皇马将会有改变,“明年可能会有变化,球员或者教练。但是现在我们必须继续下去,因为我们还有共同的目标。”   齐达内也表示,他会去总结经验,做出改进:“球队输球责任在我,尽管比赛是场上的球员踢的,但是责任在我。我会去好好总结失败的经验教训,不会让这些问题在下场比赛中发生。”   有记者问道为何他中场就将本泽马换下场,齐达内回答道:“本泽马身体有些问题,他在场上不能全力去奔跑,我们不想承担受伤的风险,为了保险起见,我把他换了下去。”   (Marco)相关的主题文章: