If Xu 瑄 send blessings for Hsu Chi a mother, to join the ranks (video)-步步高i606

Vivian Hsu Hsu Chi: a mother, send blessings join the ranks of [Abstract] Vivian Hsu blessing: my kindest baby, forever in love! Hard happy down. Take care body, quickly join our ranks. Have a lovely baby early! Love you forever! Vivian Hsu face book screenshot Tencent entertainment news on September 3rd, announced the marriage of her husband, Hsu Chi, circle of friends have sent blessings on the other hand, Stephen Fung. Ruby Lin married in micro-blog bestie: "congratulations to the original best for you always beside me, my dear, you are the best in the best of times, must be happy, love you." Is Vivian Hsu in the face book to Hsu Chi blessing, "once I thought our love of three work will have a sense of security of the woman, can not brave enough to get married…… The so-called star aura may be ordinary happiness in the door to keep out…… Cried two times this year…… Very happy, very moving, more cherish…… A person’s life, God will give us a lot of tests, sometimes really want to walk all the way, can I know the most suitable for their own original has been around! Lovers ~ my kindest baby, forever in love! So happy ~ take care the body, quickly join our ranks to a mummy! Always love you ~". Subsequently, Ruby Lin Vivian Hsu still face book message below "happy happy, the best of you", three people feeling remarkable bestie. Xu & #29764; circle of friends in addition to Ruby Lin other people really good concealment相关的主题文章: