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Real also pay a huge change fee? Lawyer: developers have no right to charge – Beijing – Community reporter Du Hui recently, Changan District north near a district of Mr. Wu is worry about things real, because the district submitted 4 years has yet to do under the real estate license, he sellers do not sell on price does not say, also need to find developers do change procedures are required pay several million "registration fee". Reporter survey found that, for this kind of undocumented room, the amount of fees charged by the developer has changed the name seems to have become the industry unspoken rules". Therefore, some buyers face the huge cost prohibitive. In this regard, lawyers believe that the developer has no legal basis for the fee charged. [event] also pay huge real name change fee? Mr. Wu in 2011 to spend several hundred thousand dollars to buy the North Second Ring Road near a residential high-rise residential building a set of forward delivery housing, signed a purchase contract with the developers agreed with the launch at the end, until May 2012, he received a new key. At the time when the developers, let us pay the deed tax, maintenance fund, lawyers witness fees and other charges, said to be used to do real estate license." Originally thought in accordance with the agreement, the real estate license from the date of the 180 working days will be able to successfully run down. But who knows, now more than a dozen high-rise residential building owners have not received a real estate license. Not long ago, Mr. Wu would like to sell the property under the name of. "We sell through the intermediary, because there is no room, the house can not sell the price does not say, but also to the developer to do the procedure, the agency said to pay 50 thousand yuan renamed fee. There have been two showings, I heard that there is no card to pay a large change in the name, do not buy. How can this be done?" After the event, he had asked the estate estate, was told: "the district has not yet passed the acceptance, accreditation also need to wait, and so on." Wu believes that due to the reasons for the developers did not apply for real estate license down, and now the owner of the real estate and then pay an extra large renamed fee, obviously unreasonable. The same day, the reporter contacted the District Sales Department on this matter, a staff member replied that the district real estate license is expected to be able to do next year. As to whether to pay the renamed fee, she said not clear. [survey] a lot of real estate owners were received renamed fee reporter survey found that, with Mr. Wu suffered the same real estate owners have their own example. Now, after the completion of a new house, before the real estate has not been run down, if the owners want to sell under the name of real estate, most of them need to find developers changed procedures are often received varying amounts of registration fee, ranging from ten thousand or twenty thousand to more than seventy thousand or eighty thousand, this charge has been for the industry "unspoken rule". Not long ago, who lives in a District Xinhua District Union Road Jia want to sell a house, because the district submitted for 8 years and not the property permits, he will need to sell to developers changed procedures, "I asked about, because this area belongs to the units from the housing, not only to name pay 30 thousand yuan registration fee, there are many restrictions." Consider again and again, Mr. Jia feel or wait for the room to sell more reliable"! Ms. Zhang has bought a new house in Yuhua District, after the introduction of others, due to.相关的主题文章: