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  national demonstration zone of agricultural park Tunchang; greet the first day thousands of tourists — Hainan window — Tunchang Hainan windows on 7 October, (reporter Ji Yu) October 1st, HNA Group ha farm HNA tourism development limited liability company launched the National Agricultural Demonstration Park Tunchang area — officially test pigs business. This set of sightseeing agricultural science, entertainment, parent-child outdoor, catering accommodation and business services and other functions in one of the new agricultural theme park, located in the Tunchang County poxin Town, covers an area of 416 acres, from the sea about an hour’s drive. According to reports, the pig farm lol according to the modernization of agriculture and tourism projects to build, provide organic fruit and vegetable picking, Dodo, barbecue, pig BBQ sur Diaoyutai grinding workshop & pottery, DIY house, happy children’s parent-child zoo, black pig Tuo training field, hut cafe, conference room, garden pond, fish touch the mother pig supermarket, hotel, restaurant, container lake water canoeing and other fun projects, to meet the individual needs of different tourists. The first day of the national day trial, the pig ha ha farm ushered in a group of special small guests – Haikou Social Welfare Institute 27 little red riding angel. Under the leadership of HNA crew, Little Red Riding Hood came to the pig farm. Little Red Riding Hood’s main items are: enjoy the beauty of the viewing corridor, experience parent-child playground facilities, watch the family zoo, watch the greenhouse and corn picking activities. In addition, the farm also prepares cartoons, games, talent shows and cake links to celebrate the mother’s birthday. Little Red Riding Hood in this full day, not only can discover the fun of play, dare to show themselves; and can close to nature, open up vision, increase knowledge; also indirectly through the game to receive patriotism, love home thoughts nurtured, extraordinary significance. It is reported that the pig ha ha farm in the first day of national trial operation ushered in 1462 tourists, mainly to local residents and Haikou residents. During the national day, the pig ha ha farm prepares colorful activities for the tourists, such as pastoral fruit, corn picking, family fishing time trials, family mobilization, interesting games, etc.. (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu) 屯昌国家农业公园示范区试业 首日迎上千游客–人民网海南视窗–人民网 人民网海南视窗屯昌10月7日电(记者 吉羽)10月1日,海航集团下属海航旅游开发有限责任公司推出的屯昌国家农业公园示范区――猪哈哈的农场正式对外试营业。这家集农业观光科普、亲子娱乐、户外拓展、餐饮住宿和商业服务等多功能于一体的新型农业主题公园,位于屯昌县坡心镇,占地面积416亩,距离海口约一小时车程。 据介绍,猪哈哈的农场按照现代化农旅项目打造,提供有机果蔬采摘、哆哆钓鱼台、河畔烧烤BBQ、猪猪磨豆坊&快乐陶艺、儿童DIY屋、亲子动物园、黑猪拓训场、木屋咖啡书吧、田园会议室、摸鱼摸虾池、猪妈妈的超市、货柜客栈、湖畔餐厅、水上皮划艇等游玩项目,满足不同游客的个性化需求。 国庆试营业第一天,猪哈哈的农场迎来了一批特别的小客人――海口市社会福利院27位小红帽天使。在海航旅发工作人员的带领下,小红帽们来到猪哈哈的农场做客。小红帽们游玩的项目主要有:欣赏观景长廊美景、体验亲子乐园玩乐设施、观看亲子动物园、观看温室大棚以及进行玉米采摘活动。此外,农场还为小红帽们准备了动画片欣赏,游戏环节、才艺表演以及庆祝祖国母亲华诞的蛋糕环节。小红帽们在这充实的一天中,不仅能发现游玩的乐趣,勇于展现自己;而且能亲近自然,开拓视野增长见识;还能间接通过玩乐接收爱国、爱家的思想熏陶,意义非凡。 据悉,猪哈哈的农场在国庆试运营首日迎来1462位游客,以当地居民和海口市民为主。在国庆期间,猪哈哈的农场为游客准备了田园水果玉米采摘、家庭垂钓计时赛、全家总动员趣味游戏等丰富多彩的活动。 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: