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Black plastic bag breaking night   cover man head; "panda thief stole 3 million Jewelry – Hubei Channel – original title:" the panda thief "sliding door Qiaodao 3 million jewelry two men wearing dug two holes of a black plastic bag, wearing a mask as a" Panda "appearance, gold and silver jewelry store door open at night that will store the value of 3 million yuan jewelry looted. East Lake New Technology Development Zone police tracked down the last suspect arrested yesterday. On the 9 day of this month, Mr. Xu, a owner of a gold and silver jewelry store in the East District of Wuhan, reported that his home jewelry store was stolen. Police scene investigation found that the store of gold and silver jewelry store safes were prized, the value of more than 300 of the storage of jewelry was looted, the store monitoring video host computer was taken away by the suspect, left a cigarette butt on the spot. Special class police to shop for the center, one by one to see the surrounding more than 120 video monitoring found that day at 2 points ~4 points, 2 covered face, dressed as a panda like people in the shop nearby. By Mopai, a man surnamed Feng in the investigators sight. Feng Mouceng for the theft of "three Palace", recently he suddenly made a fortune, not only before the toxic gambling debts, smoking is very high. Police secretly found that he went to the Jianghan District Flower Street Street, a jewelry store and deal with people. The police received stolen goods zhuangmou secret control, recovered 150 thousand yuan worth of stolen gold and silver jewelry. Zhuang Mou confessed that all of these were sold to him by feng. After the capture of Feng, the police quickly learned the whereabouts of his partner hwang. At noon yesterday, Hwang was arrested. After the trial, 44 year old pingmou release and cellmate Huang together from prison. Some time ago, Feng inadvertently saw Mr. Xu’s shop, unattended at night, jewelry and gold are placed in the shop, and Huang early morning masked theft. At present, the police are recovering stolen goods. (reporter correspondent Li Yusheng Ke aesthetics) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun) 男子头罩黑塑料袋深夜撬门 “熊猫大盗”偷走300万珠宝–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:“熊猫大盗”溜门撬盗300万珠宝   两男子头戴挖了两个洞的黑塑料袋、戴着口罩扮成“熊猫”模样,深夜撬开金银珠宝店大门,将店内价值300万元珠宝洗劫一空。东湖新技术开发区警方经追查,于昨日将最后一名嫌疑人抓获。   本月9日,武汉东新区某金银珠宝店老板徐先生报案,称他家珠宝店被盗。民警现场勘查发现,其店内存放金银珠宝的保险柜被撬开,里面存放的价值300余万的珠宝金饰被洗劫一空,店内的存储监控录像的电脑主机被嫌疑人抱走,现场遗留一枚烟头。   专班民警以金店为中心,逐一查看周边120余个视频监控发现,当天凌晨2点~4点,有2名蒙着头脸、装扮成熊猫一样的人在金店附近出现。经摸排,一冯姓男子进入办案人员视线。冯某曾因盗窃“三进宫”,最近他突然发了财,不仅把以前的赌债毒债还清了,烟也抽得非常高档。民警暗中追踪发现,他前往江汉区花楼街某珠宝店与人交易。   民警将收赃人庄某秘密控制后,追回价值15万元的被盗金银珠宝。庄某交待这些都是冯某卖给他的。抓获冯某后,警方很快了解到了其同伙黄某的下落。昨天中午,黄某被缉拿归案。   经审,44岁的冯某与牢友黄某一起刑满释放。前段时间,冯某无意间看到徐先生的店子晚上无人看守,珠宝金饰都放在店里,遂与黄某凌晨蒙面盗窃。目前,警方正在追缴赃物。(记者柯美学 通讯员李雨生) (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章: