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Science The demand for paternity DNA tests is constantly on the increase and this is no surprise considering the numerous studies in various countries showing the number of fathers who are unwittingly bringing up children who are not their own as well as the number of fathers who refuse to acknowledge their biological children. The legal DNA paternity test : what is it? Legal DNA paternity tests are done following a very strict procedure known as a chain of custody. In a legal test, samples will be collected by a Sampler and not by the people taking part in the test. A sampler is usually a doctor or nurse who will physically rub the swab within the mouth of test participants. The sampler acts as both a witness to verify samples and the DNA sample collector. The sampler will also make sure that the oral swabs do not come into contact with each other and thus that there is no DNA contamination. The results of a legal test can be presented in court. The peace of mind paternity test: what is it? This type of paternity test is done when one is uncertain about who the biological father of a child/children is. This type of DNA paternity test is done at home using a home-kit. The test has the following characteristics: DNA samples are collected at home by the interested parties; Results will not be court admissible as there is no Sampler or verification and notarization of samples; this test is only there to secure your peace of mind; Laboratory Testing standards are just as high as those in a legal paternity test; the only difference is in the DNA sample collection stage. Taking your DNA samples Taking your own samples should pose absolutely no problems. Often the kits provided are easy to use; they will contain instructions on how to use the mouth swabs and consent forms (which require some basic personal details) which are self-explanatory. If a child is taking part in the test and is below the age of consent than any legal guardian can sign the consent form on the childs behalf. Oral swabs look very much like a long cotton bud and simply rubbing inside the mouth will collect the necessary DNA for scientists to conclude your paternity tests. One must be careful and not to smoke, eat or drink anything besides water prior to testing as this may degrade or contaminate the DNA sample. The same applies for infants. The link between Accuracy and Accreditation Paternity test results will show the genetic profiles and the alleged father and child and compare the two; identical profiles mean that the alleged father is in fact, the childs paternal father. If profiles are identical, then scientists will also work out the percentage inclusion which will read 99.9 % or higher depending on whether the test includes the mothers DNA samples. If the DNA profiles do not match than the individual will be excluded as the father and the percentage will be no lower than 100%. Accredited laboratories abide by testing procedures of the highest standard and will normally test a total of 16 genetic markers. The genetic markers will form the DNA profile which will be shown on your results. Accreditation is thus an extremely important distinguishing factor if you want results that are reliable. The standard in laboratory testing accreditation specifically for DNA testing is IS0 17025. About the Author: Zo Scott has been involved in DNA testing for a considerable number of years, and has written many articles in this domain. If you have a particular case necessitating a paternity test or a DNA test, you can have more information on Article Published On: By: vikram kumar – Frogs are one of the most useful, tricky and essential to the ecosystem organisms in the whole world. 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