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Automobiles Todays technology is so advanced that many of the elder generations seem to have problems keeping up with the most cutting-edge devices on the market. One generation is more connected today than any other, say some experts, and the winners are Generation Y. As Sunnyvale used cars get more and more technologically advanced, the auto market is doing its best to appeal to Gen Y with vehicles that take some of the strongest tech trends into account. The fact is that Gen Y was born right on the bubble of the tech explosion, so they benefit both from experience with new technologies and the ability to purchase those new technologies. There are still plenty of up-and-.ers in the category that havent jumped into the professional arena yet, and auto brands that pay attention to marketing to that audience are setting themselves up for success in the future. Most of these brands already have a strong following among older generations as well, so its not surprising to see that theyre doing the right thing when it .es to marketing to younger audiences. The cutting-edge evolves so quickly these days that it takes a lot of money and resources to consistently stay on top, but brands like Honda, who already make plenty of dependable cars, have the leg up on the .petition. Gen Y-ers are flocking to Santa Clara used Honda dealers just to see what they have in stock. According to experts, the ability to network online and the changing face of .munications are the factors driving this technological explosion. The auto industry .es into play in two prime areas: fuel efficient engine technology (as well as other engineering amenities) and non-distracting ways to stay connected when youre driving. Sunnyvale used cars seem to have a lower rate of accidents related to .munications technology, and its not a surprise that a lot of these vehicles under the Honda brand are getting the recognition they deserve. Whether engrossed in Facebook updates or just texting their current location, todays youth expect .munication and connection to be as much as part of the driving experience as tuning a radio station or filling up the tank, says Karl Brauer, Senior Analyst and Editor-at-Large for Edmunds… They may not plan to fill a tank at all but instead simply plug in a power cord, using their car as simply another (larger) electronic device. The point is that technology will continue to play a bigger and bigger role in the way that automobiles are marketing, and Santa Clara used Honda dealers will continue to stay on the cutting-edge. If youre in the market for Sunnyvale used cars and youre a part of Gen Y, look no further than the Honda Civic, one of the brands most consistent leaders. The 2012 Honda Civic will hit the market this summer, and Santa Clara used Honda dealers expect to see an explosion of interest as a direct result of careful marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: