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Business There is no gift better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Mostly, cut flowers are used to create amazing flower arrangements that convey your feelings in the best possible way. These flower arrangements liven up the ambience by their scintillating colours and wonderful fragrance. The only drawback of gifting flowers is that the cut flowers wilt easily, and they lose their beauty soon. The good news is that a little care can make the flower arrangements last longer and can continue to brighten up atmosphere. So, the next time you receive a pretty flower arrangement for a gift, take care of the following points to make sure that the flowers look fresh and beautiful for at least a few more days. The first step towards keeping your flowers fresh for a long time starts with keeping them hydrated. It is important because the air makes the flowers wilt by entering into the tissues to block the cells. To prevent this, the flowers should be immediately placed in water once you receive them. In addition, before placing the flowers in the water, try to chop off a small portion of the stem, which has got dehydrated. By keeping the flowers in water, you prevent the air from entering the stems. Before you keep the flowers under water, ensure that you chop off the leaves or small stems that might be present on the surface that is suppose to remain in the water. Keeping the flowers fresh for long is easier than most of us think. The task has been made much easier by the commercially available floral preservatives. Floral preservatives are compounds, which contain a respiratory inhibitor, acidifier and a substance that prevents the growth of microbes. It is a good idea to keep such preservatives handy, so that when you receive birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers or congratulations flowers; you can help the flowers stay alive for longer period. To prevent a microbe attack on your flower arrangement, it is important to keep the flower vase clean. Dirty flower vase or surroundings can become a home to microorganisms. Another factor that is important to make your flowers bouquets and arrangements last long is the temperature at which they are kept. Low temperature is conducive to the health of flowers, so it is important that you keep the flowers at low temperature. Moreover, to increase the life of your flowers is to keep them away from sources of heat like TV sets and air conditioners. By keeping these small things in mind, you can keep the floral gifts fresh for longer time. About Flowers Galore Who We Are: Flowers have their own language to express feelings with colours. Who else than Flowers Galore can understand this better. Flowers Galore is an Australian owned and operated company. We are part of Petals Florist Network with a network of affiliated florists and suppliers, who are committed to delivering premium quality products World Wide. Flowers Galore offer wide range of bright flowers for different occasions. We Care: Flowers Galore offers wide variety of handcrafted floral range to cater for any occasion, making each delivery extra special. We believe in a high quality product, ease of ordering, and reliable delivery. We are here to look after you and the important people in your life. Flowers Galore delivers flowers across Australia through our team of local florists. All Prices are inclusive of delivery charges and taxes. Quality & Security: Every product you see online has been specifically designed to capture the beauty of flowers and flower gifting, keeping in accordance with seasonality, occasions and budget. Our florists have designed these arrangements and always follow our designs that detail everything from the number of flowers, what style of arrangement and even what type of foliage is to be used for every order. Flowers Galore offers fast efficient service at a competitive price. Our compliance with the governing laws of each country and international security standards ensure that your on-line shopping experience is safe, secure and competitively priced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: