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Vocational-Trade-Schools There is wealth of IB revision courses taking place over the Christmas holidays in London. However, we like to believe that we stand head and shoulders about the rest. Firstly the revision courses for IB are intensive but tailored to your individual needs. We achieve this by focusing on the individual. By contacting you directly before you attend the IB revision course we ensure that we fully understand your areas for development and areas of weakness. This questionnaire then goes towards structuring the revision course to meet your individual needs. During your IB revision course you will focus on three pillars: The first is a syllabus review of the content required for your IB exams. We will ensure that we cover the necessary areas of the syllabus that you highlight during your initial questionnaire. Dont worry if there are other areas that you dont identify during your questionnaire, we will cover those as and when they crop up during the ib revision course. The second pillar for focus during the London IB revision course will be examination technique. As you may know, exam technique is crucial to ensuring that you achieve the success that you deserve. During your revision course the Chief & Principal examiners will work alongside you with your examination technique. They will build a good picture of your strengths and weaknesses from the mock paper that you do on the first morning. They will also set a mock paper for homework on the first night. These mock papers form the basis of the revision technique sessions. From that they will help you to fully understand the pitfalls as well as to understand the exam technique that you require to achieve the best possible grade in your exams. When you return home and continue your IB revisions you will be able to put into practice the tips and techniques that you have learnt on the course. Third, revising effectively for your IB exams is crucial. During the IB revision course we will also help you plan a timetable to help manage the workload during the Christmas holidays. We know how important it is to have a balance between your IB revision and your time off. By efficiently planning for both you will maximise your potential of a higher grade. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: