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Below we will discuss the qualities of true leaders that are derived from the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his .panions. This is continuation of part 1. Wisdom Wisdom is a gift from Allah [SWT]. It is to act at any given time, place and condition in a way that benefits you the most. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was given the highest of wisdom. Quran States He Grants Wisdom To Whom He Pleases And He, To Whom Wisdom Is Granted Receives Indeed A Benefit Overflowing But None Will Grasp The Message But Men Of Understanding! (2:269) Ali RA said, Allah gives wisdom to whom He loves but He will not give it to four: The one who has love of dunya (this world) in his heart. The one who worries about tomorrow. If a person worries about the future, it means that he has no trust in Allah SWT. Envious and Jealous Person. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: Haasid (envious person) is the enemy of Allah There is a story attributed to Pharaoh of Egypt who used to build intricate buildings with hidden passages and then kill all the builders who knew about the secret passage so this way he remains the only one with knowledge of it. Once he heard a knock on one of these secret passage doors. He was very surprised and upon opening the door he inquired about the visitor. The visitor introduced himself as Satan and said to Pharaoh You are in big trouble; I disobeyed Allah once and look what He (SWT) did to me. You call yourself the supreme Lord; you are going to be worse off than I am. He then went on to say There is someone who is more hated in the eyes of Allah than both of us and that is a Haasid – someone who is not pleased with what Allah has given him and looks to others. The one who doesn’t rely in Allah has full of ego and arrogance. Every success should produce sajda shukr (prostration of gratitude) and every mistake should produce istighfar and tawba (repentance) as Allah is owner of all affairs. Since Allah grants wisdom to those He loves; once a person beloved to Allah, he will be granted wisdom. And those who want to be.e beloved to Allah have to perform actions of those whom Allah loves. Long Vision A Successful Leader Always Has His Eyes On The Prize. There are many things that will go wrong while working on a task and there are many people who will cross their limits. What makes one organization or group different from the other is how the leader deals with situations like this. Sacrificing the ego over short term losses for the long end is always a better option. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had a long vision. Example of A Work Place If the manager gets upset with some trained workers and causes them to leave, he would have to hire new people and train them. It will take a lot of time, patience, and many mistakes before the new workers are at the level of those that were removed. This will end up costing the .pany more loss and suffering than if he were to let go momentarily and save the original workers. This brings the issue back to humble and humility and elimination of ego for the higher goals. Prudence A successful leader has to maintain discretion in all his acts. This requires sincerity and respect of the environment one is in. Leader has to keep good and bad apples separated. If he mixes them together than bad apples can destroy good ones. Based On The Teachings Of Islam by Prophet Muhammad (SAW), we Know That People’s Hearts Are Contagious. A Person Either Carries Angels With Him Or Demons And This Is What They Spread Around Them! A prudent leader will keep his strong, clean hearted followers separated and use them for specific kind of tasks. Those followers who need more spiritual cleansing and elevation will have to be dealt differently. This also requires wisdom and baseera. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the most prudent. Farasa/Baseera (Inner Vision from Allah) Baseera is internal vision and ability to see hidden meanings behind apparent situations and words. It is transmitted directly from Allah SWT to the believers. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Be careful of the vision and wisdom of the mumin he sees with the eye of Allah [SWT]. A leader whose heart is connected to Allah can feel whats going on around him right away and makes decisions accordingly. Allah can give leader hidden messages and based on that a leader is able to feel his people; what they need, want and what pleases them. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was given the highest level of baseera by Allah SWT. About the Author: Object Lesson – Balloon Faith By: KenSapp – Balloons are enjoyed not only by children and youth, but by people of all ages. 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