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Entrepreneurialism Follow UP Product Review – Caboodle Social Media – The Offer I’m not into network marketing – also known as MLM. But I know lots of folks have made serious money in these opportunities. The key to MLM is finding the right one – with the right people. I like a pre-launch MLM opportunity called Caboodle for two reasons. It’s product focused and the top executives are good citizens. Caboodle is a social media marketing .pany. That’s good because social media is expected to grow four fold over the next three years. Most media outlets are loosing shares. Therefore print or electronic media salespeople may find Caboodle intriguing for that reason. And because it’s MLM, they can own their own media .pany for a small investment. There are two audiences for Caboodle’s products and services. The entrepreneur looking to own their own business is one audience. Retail businesses looking to drive more traffic is another. The offer is always important in new customer marketing and giving away something free is best. On the MLM side, Caboodle allows it’s affiliates to offer free one page mobile websites to anyone showing interest. On the retail side, the offer is something free with a purchase and is available to anyone who a fan or follower of the business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. With that in mind, Caboodle revolves around two products. Online local rewards sites and interactive overlay ads. Let’s unpack the interactive overlay ads first. These ads pop up at the bottom of the screen on many Internet video sites. The ads typically include a logo – a few lines of call to action copy and a hot link to the advertiser’s landing page. There are a number of sites that accept this popular form of advertising including, USTREAM, Dailymotion, etc. – and are viewed by a large audience. By way of example, there are more daily video uploads on than YouTube. The ads can be targeted down to the local level. Additionally, Caboodle’s local rewards program has benefits for merchants wanting to drive more traffic. Utilizing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can be a very inexpensive way to ac.plish this goal. Caboodle works with merchants to set up social media sites and feed content and generate initial rounds of fans and followers. They also provide point of purchase information informing patrons to Like the establishment on Facebook to receive a discount with a purchase. (E.G.. – the pizza place offers a free drink with a pizza purchase.) The pizza place is a member of and promotes the online rewards .work. If the patron gets tired of pizza – they can go online to see who else is offering discounts for being a fan or follower. This works not only for restaurants, but any local retail merchant. The members of rewards .work then share fans and followers. Cost for the merchant is minimal and the rewards .work is free. (The merchants may also participate in the .work marketing side, provide additional revenue.) To recap – Caboodle is product driven and their top executives are honest and trustworthy. That’s what one needs to look for in MLM/.working marketing. For those who are looking for a pre launch MLM – this one is good and aggressive – as free one page mobile websites can be offered to prospects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: