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News-and-Society Interestingly enough, two innocuous prunes claim to be accepted as one of the secret weapons of World War II period. Spink, an auction house in London, is selling two graying prunes that it claims were chosen to be stuffed with documents or other maps to be passed on to prisoners of war secretly. As part of the memorabilia sheltered by a British spy the prunes had been preserved. According to Emily Jackson, the Spink spokeswoman, the prunes are extremely dry and hard and it is really astonishing that they have survived. The late Doreen Mulot, a previous member of Special Operations Executive of Britain, which was started to steer operations behind enemy lines, had collected World War II memorabilia such as these ..a2armory../ww2-weapons.html of which the prunes formed a part. The then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Hugh Dalton had established the executive to carry on warfare by means other than direct military engagement and it was referred to as the Baker Street Irregulars’ after Sherlock Holmes’ fictional group of spies. In a telephonic interview Marshall informed that his great-aunt prepared the prunes in a large bathroom of her large house in Hampstead in north London neighborhood. In water the dried fruits were softened and then de-pitted to allow insertion of carefully rolled documents covered in waxed paper into cavities. Next those were re-dried and packed in Red Cross food parcels for the prisoners who utilized the information to flee away. Quite an ingenious idea it was, Marshall said, but not at all a thing normally connected with fighting when war rages. Marshall added that she had told him how she along with an associate would be seated over the bathtub that was filled with prunes. Confirmation came out from the auction house that in any operation these prunes were never used. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: