How To Keep Your Jade Buddha To The Brilliant Condition-高达08ms小队

Business First. The more you wear the jade buddha, the better brilliant color it will show, because jade buddhas charm is its pure character which is shown by the water content, when worn, it will absorb the water from your body, so it will be.e more bright when worn long, another reason is that when the jade buddha worn, it will inevitable rub skin or clothes, which has the role of brighting the jade buddha. Routine maintenance, just wash with water, remove the dust, then clean and dry it with cloth. Wearring jade pendant, you should pay attention to checking the string and necklace to be sure they are firm, if found nearly broken, just change new one in time. Second. The Jade has a strong toughness, but it does not mean it can stand beating. In wearing jade buddha, try to avoid it from falling or hit by hard objects, especially those with small cracks in the jade buddha, it will easily break or damage. Third. Maintain jade buddha clean. If the jade buddha contact with oil marks long time, the oil stains will stick in the surface of jade buddha easily to influent the jade buddha color and cluster. So you should use a soft cloth to clean in neutral detergent, then dry it and polish with a silk cloth. In addition, jade buddha cant contact with acid, alkali and organic solvent chemicals. These chemicals will erode the surface of jade buddha. Fourth. Avoiding contacting with other gems,diamonds which may incur injury of jade buddha. Go to the jewelry shop regularly for cleaning and inspection to check the inlaid and loose metal claw.Jade When not worn, just clean with warm water,then wrap it with a soft cloth to store it separate from other jewelry Fifth. Do not let your jade Buddha drop down from your rope necklace which is fastened when it is sold to you.As the time pass by,the rope necklace will be.e loose and do not the change one rope necklace or if possible,use the gold chain to substitute the rope necklace which can fasten your jade Buddha greatly. Above all, paying attention to keeping away anything that can impact the pure of jade buddha to keep the jade buddha to the brilliant condition. Hope this can help you.Read more about the jade knowledge by visiting the jade blog or to enjoy our great collected jade buddha to enjoy the chinese jade charm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: