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Viral Marketing – Secrets Revealed – Part II Articles give us tremendous free exposure. This is the secret of Viral Markeing which is Free Advertising. If our article is good, it will be displayed in ezines and websites and the resource box at the end will proclaim who is the author of that article. Many a reader will click on the link to our website and we get phenomenal amount of traffic! When writing an article, it is the Resource box which pulls people to the site. The Resource box must be well written. I used to write like this Article by G Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist of He is a good Viral Marketing expert & has made his dotcom successful through VM. To subscribe to his Free ezine, the Z Files, click here mailto: [email protected] [email protected] You should give your site’s name & your email address in the resource box. If you have an ezine, you should give the email address for subscribing to your ezine. In the Resource Box, it is better to give a short bio of yourself and your area of expertise. Those who are impressed by your article will definitely subscribe to your ezine as they thirst for more quality information. Successful marketers never try to sell their products at the first instance. What they try is to get a free subscription to their Ezine! It is their sophisticated approach that sells ! The main principle of Marketing is Never Sell – Influence. It should not look like business. If you write an ad, it should not look like an ad. Once people subscribe to your ezine via your Resource box, you can give freebies – free reports, free ebooks and free consultancy. They become your loyal customers ! They will refer more people to your site and your business will thrive. Once the article with the Resource Box is finished, you have to market it to your target audience. What I used to do is go to the search engines and type in "ezines" which deal with your subject. Since I started writing articles on Astrology, I used to go to Yahoo, Ebay, Altavista etc and type in Astrology Ezine and search. This search will give a list of Astrology Ezines. If your subject is Medicine type Medicine ezine and search. Suppose it gives 40 lists. You go to these websites and write down their email addresses. Then you write a covering letter to the Zine Publisher and submit your article to be published by him/her. I used to write like this: Dear Zine Publisher, I came to know about your esteemed Zine from the Net. I am a writer on Astrology with a website – I have written an article on Astrology. Please publish it in your Zine/Site. It is a win-win situation for both of us as you get good content and I get exposure in return. Thanks and regards, G Kumar You can also submit your articles to Site Owners. They may display your article on their site. Site Owners are looking for quality content. If you can provide that, they will definitely accept your articles. After writing articles on the subject, one should group these articles and compile them into an ebook. After I wrote nine articles on Astronumerology, I compiled them into an Ebook called Astronumerology and distributed it free. You can get a lot of free marketing tips at Article Banks Article Banks are considered to be Net Marketing Gold. There are a lot out there and it will be better if you subscribe to them and post your articles regularly. I used to submit my articles to the following lists: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Free E Book Compiler To compile an Ebook, you need a compiler and Keebo is a free compiler. We have used it ourselves, but at this price of zero dollars, it’s certainly worth checking out: There are other paid ebook compilers. You can download a trial version from In the ebook you should give links to your site. You can give links to your friend’s sites as well. You can tell your friends that you have given links to their sites in your ebooks. They will reciprocate by giving you links in their articles or their ebooks. They may even give you a link from their sites as well. You can ask ezine publishers to give the ebook away freely to their customers. You can tell siteowners to give the ebook away to their visitors. This is known as Perpetual Marketing, wherein many publishers and siteowners market your site free for you! You can give the ebook away as an incentive for subscribing to your Ezine. You can give the ebook away when a customer buys your product, as an added bonus. You can tell your friends that you have given them links in your ebook. Inspired, they will distribute it free amongst their friends, relatives & customers. You can post your ebook here You can submit your ebooks to [email protected] [email protected] You can give your ebook away as a free download at your site. Or you can give them as a paid download. If people download your ebook, they will definitely visit your website & sign up for your newsletter or buy your products or hire you for your service. I have created several ebooks that have been read by thousands of people all over the Net and this has resulted in massive traffic to my site. Sheer hard work is imperative along with persistence, perseverance & lots of time to be successful as a marketeer on the Net. Because of the dynamic & ever changing nature of the Web, marketing becomes an everyday job. " Promote or die" is the slogan. We have to market smarter, not harder. Ebook publishing is the biggest money spinner on the Net. Many have become millionaires as a result of e-publishing. Rick Beneteau ,Jim Daniels & Monique Harris are some shining examples. 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