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Small Business Creation of families in Revit is popular day by day as it is the most convenient way to save project time as well as overall cost incurred on the project. There can be number of families which can be created as per the clients requirements and standards which can be further used at any time of the project further. Sometimes families are created prior to the starting of project or sometimes at the time when such .ponent is required in between the project. Now creation of family in between the project occupies lot of time and if it is created prior to project it can be used number of times in the project in future. All the .ponents used in revit project are part of any type of family it may be door family, curtain family, stairs, windows etc. Revit also allows us to create the families of our own which can be called as customized families. Sometimes some customized .ponents are required to be used in the project which are not available in Revit inbuilt family. Such .ponents can be made available by creation of new customized families as per the clients requirements and can be easily used at number of times in the project in future. These families can be stored in the external libraries used in Revit and can be used as per the requirements. New families can be created in Revit by importing existing 2Dcad files into Revit and applying 3D feature in it using various tools available in Revit. Revit families can be classified as follows: 1. Revit Inbuilt/Default Families: These types of families cannot be edited and have to be used as they are available and thus such families are called inbuilt Revit families. 2. Revit Customized Families: Customized families are creation of new external families as per the clients requirements which are stored in external libraries and can be used at any time in the project. Revit Intelligent Family Manager: Revit family manager provides us with the tools by which we can systematically manage the created as well as inbuilt families as per their use in the project. We can even easily edit the created families with a single click and thus can use the edited .ponent in the project. It provides us with simple .mands like double click on family manager and then just drag and drop to use the .ponent of the created family in the actual going project. In this way we can easily deal with creation of families and family manger in Revit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: