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SEO Content is king and if you are a SEO running your own website you probably know it for already a long time. The problem is how do you get good quality content to your website with minimal effort? Content is king is true but not actual. Good quality relevant content is king but digressive low quality poorly written quality is not only not king it can actually damage your website in the long run from both search engine vig.te and user experience perspective. What is bad content? The answer really depends on your website. One easy way to identify bad content is by judging content from the user experience vig.te. If the content is relevant to the website and seems to be useful for users browsing the website then the content is probably of good quality. If the content seems to be irrelevant for the users browsing around the website or the content is boring and digressive then most likely the content is bad. But there are other ways to judge If content is good or bad and that is from the search engine perspective. Search engines like Google like to see websites that are content rich and that original and relevant content. From a search engine perspective relevancy is based on keywords density and a calculated subject for every content piece on the website. Generally speaking a single website should have some coherent theme to it for example a website that deals with dogs probably has many dog related keyword and should have dog related content. If such a pages suddenly have a few paragraph dealing with banking search engine would find it harder to work with that page figure out what is its relevancy and how to index it. One way to get quality content for your website is to generate original content yourself or to pay someone else to generate such content for you. There are two problem with this method. One obvious problem is the cost associated with it as having someone sit down and write original content is time consuming and thus also capital consuming. The other problem is speed. Generating lots of content this way is slow as someone has to really sit down and start working from stab on those essays and articles. Another alternative is to use a lot of freely available content from a large number of articles directories that offer plenty of fresh and good quality article about practically any subject. Why would they do it? The only thing they ask in return are a few link backs included in each articles that is published from their directories. Using such free articles directories is a good solution that many websites use. The trick is to know which article directory to use and to carefully choose which article from these directories you will republish on your website. Some article directories offer free articles that are reviewed by hand and thus their quality tend to be higher while another extreme of web directories practice is to publish everything that they can regardless of its quality and content. Do your homework and find a good articles directory. It usually pays to stay with that articles directory for the long run enjoying its free content to enhance your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: