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Business Day with Terry Bradshaw , a unique cable TV show that airs on many cable television outlets throughout the United States, showcases successful American companies throughout the nation in various industries. The show also covers business trends in America and around the world, trends and developments in health care, environmental trends, educational trends, and more. The Business Day TV show looks at the strategies that American companies have developed to weather the economic downturn and overcome increased competition they face in a global economy. Business Day Terry Bradshaw profiles successful American businesses all across the economy, highlighting ways these companies have grown their businesses such as becoming more efficient, reducing costs and innovating. The show explores ways that American companies have used technology to improve their operations. Technology topics covered on the show include E-Commerce Solutions for the 21st Century, Software Innovations to Improve Efficiencies, Business Intelligence, Mobile Workforce Solutions and Best of Breed Software. Business Day with Terry Bradshaw reviews business trends, trends and developments in health care, technology topics, and trends and developments in other areas of American society. Tony Ferraro associate producer, Jack Schwartz associate producer, Evan Golden producer, Angelo Ferraro associate producer and Gary Baris associate producer are some of the many members of the Business Day production team. This team of producers and associate producers finds interesting and uplifting stories about American companies, entrepreneurs, inventors and industries all across the country, and brings these stories to television viewers nationwide. Visit the Business Day website, .businessdaytv.., for Business Day with Terry Bradshaw news, information about show topics and the host, and more. The website features video clips from past show segments, an audio letter from host Terry Bradshaw explaining the shows concept, and details on where and when the show airs. The Business Day Terry Bradshaw TV show airs on regional cable networks throughout the United States, as well as national cable channels such as the Fox Business Network and CNN Headline News. The shows host, Terry Bradshaw, first came to national prominence as quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Bradshaw played 14 seasons for the team, leading the team to four Super Bowl championships. Bradshaw was named MVP of the Super Bowl twice. Following his retirement from professional football, Bradshaw began a second successful career in broadcasting. He joined CBS in 1984, working as a color .mentator at football games for the .work. Bradshaw later became a studio host and analyst for CBS. He assumed the same role at Fox Sports in 1994, and has worked for Fox for the last 16 years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: