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Holidays Between forking out money for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and all those other special occasions throughout the year, the annual gifts budget is rapidly exceeded. So what does one do to create special gifts for their loved ones while not spending the earth? Is it even possible? When people speak of making gifts, it seems the instant and logical conclusion reached in hearer’s minds is that the individual is referring to a child drawing a picture or making a collage. Certainly not for adults to create gifts. While I think we would at times like to make a present for a loved one, seeing as it is more individualized and personal, we draw a blank when it .es to determining what will be both useful and personal to the recipient. In this article we’ll explore a few creative ideas of how to make your presents this year meaningful, useful, and from the heart. While these may be some great ideas, don’t allow them to limit your creativity rather let them expand your creativity and cause you to think outside of the box. 1. Engraved Fathers Day Gifts We’ll start with looking at engraved gifts. At one point in time, if someone had made this suggestion to me, I would have been rather hesitant, seeing the dollar figures of the present increasing. However, in reality, the cost of engraving is not exorbitant. Depending on the length of the name, most engraving can be done for less than $15. The list of gifts that are engraveable is almost endless. Most metal items with flat surfaces can be engraved. Some ideas are: belt buckles, thermal mugs, desk sets, clocks, keyrings, beer steins, rings/bangles, cufflinks, tie pins, trophies, metal statues/figurines, and the list goes on. 2. Photo Gifts Whether you love doing things with your hands or you’re an office buff, photo gifts are achievable for any gift giver. Photos are great when it .es to Fathers Day gifts. Some ideas include: Making a scrapbook of photos of his kids, putting together a photo book on the .puter of your last family holiday, putting photos of the kids fun memories of time with Dad this year and having them journal/draw on the pages under each photo, or getting any number of photo gifts printed including (but certainly not limited to!) a BBQ apron, mugs, keyrings, mouse mats, canvas prints, T shirts and even teddies. 3. Personalised Gifts We spoke of engraved gifts already, but there are many shops that carry lines of personalised gifts mugs with guys’ names on them, pens, sock and keyring sets, and paperweights. While these are personal in and of themselves, consider sprucing them up a little with something you know he’ll love. Fill a mug with his name on it with his favourite types of hot drinks (sachets of flavoured coffee, hot chocolate, etc), use a hole punch to punch holes in the wrappers of his favourite candy bars and thread onto a personalised keyring, or fill his personalised socks with his favourite homemade square (wrap well in cling wrap of course!). 4. Memorable Gifts While this may not be a gift that can actually be placed in his hands, it will be a memorable time for everyone involved. Plan a family get together at a park (choose somewhere you’ve never been before so it’s new and special), pack a picnic or BBQ with all his favourite foods (remember, this is his present, so you can afford to spend a bit extra on the food), chuck the Frisbee in the car, and whisk him away for an afternoon of loving Dad. Other options could include heading to the beach or the mountains for a fun day of swimming, hiking, or bike riding. Or, go on a date for two to a winery, have a coffee at a cosy cafe, or plan an evening on the town. While this list is not exhaustive, it has hopefully helped to prompt some ideas and get the cogs rolling in your mind for what you can do to create great Fathers Day gifts this year on a small budget. Nothing says that making gifts has to be either childish or expensive. Use your imagination and a bit of creativity, and you’ll have made a Fathers Day he will treasure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: