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SEO Are you looking for a way to promote your website or business? If this is the case, read on to a website promotion method virtually nothing, that the costs of implementation. Article writing provides an excellent way to increase the PR (Page Rank) of your website. The cost just for you is a little time to write short, informative articles that for others. The article, which you may have written, some of the best articles directories like Articledashboard.., ezinearticles.., goarticles.., isnare.. and articlealley.. Article marketing is a great way to ensure traffic flow and the visitors to your site. If you are an entrepreneur and have a website, you may have heard the term SEO or search engine optimization. Article marketing is a very effective way to promote your business or website. In simple terms SEO uses tactics such as keyword optimization for better placement in search engines, resulting in more visitors and hopefully more revenue for your business. Google operates a site ranking system .monly known as Page Rank. Page Rank is partly due to the quality of your website content, but also how many other sites are "back links" to your site. A website with more back links should be a better search engine placement, and thus more visitors. If you have written your articles, make a list of article directories where you wish to display your article. Most lists are available for a free account, before the articles can be submitted. If your accounts in a position, you can send your article submission. Article directories must approve the text before it goes to the article directory. Try to make your article interesting, factual and for others. They not only write a 300 word advertisement for your business or service, as most cases will be rejected. Make sure that the title of your article accurately describes the content of the article and contains keywords associated with your topic. Layout of the article in short paragraphs, not the entire text bunch together, as it looks terrible and web users will rarely read large parts of the text. It is a known fact that Internet users have a very short attention span and tend to skim over large parts of the text, making it easy on the eye and easy to read. Most article directories in the resource box you can use your name, a little information about you or your .pany and – this is the important bit – a hyperlink to your own site. This is .bination creates the back link to your website and make a contribution to increasing the number of visitors and search engine placement. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic you get from us. Not directly to affiliate Web sites, as they tend to be rejected, rather than link to your own website and your affiliate links there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: