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Software When you decide it is the time for implementing biometric authentication, you need to do so in a way that is not likely to cause unhappiness among your employees. Care should be taken to address their concerns or to choose methods of biometric authentication that they would be the most .fortable with. Security minded .panies might want to consider implementing biometric authentication. This type of authentication is more secure than just using passwords, and you don’t have to worry about people forgetting their password. You can’t forget to bring your biometrics with you like you can with Smart cards, and biometric authentication is one of the most difficult types of authentication to fake. However, another more gradual way of implementing biometric authentication is to implement it first for those departments and pieces of equipment that need the highest levels of security, and then gradually make your way through the .pany adding biometric authentication until all employees are using this form of authentication. Enrollment is the first stage of biometric authentication as enrollment generates a template which is very useful for all subsequent matching. These enrollments are very .plicated as it is dependent on the performance of the different biometric devices. These templates are generally numerically representations of key points taken from a persons body. These templates are usually small in terms for .puter memory. This allows your .puter for quick processing saving your lots of precious time. The template must be stored somewhere so that subsequent templates, created when a user tries to access the system using a sensor, can be .pared. Some biometric experts claim it is impossible to reverse-engineer, or recreate, a person’s print or image from the biometric template. There is also time attendance software, which is very important and necessary for many .panies to increase the efficiency of its staff. There are many reasons businesses choose to update their employee time attendance software. For some, the cost of maintaining mechanical and electronic punch clocks make them impractical choices when cutting costs is paramount to survival in a difficult economy. Others want to hold employees accountable with something more than a paper time card or manual time sheet. In other words, they are looking for an accurate and impartial way to pay employees for actual hours worked. If any of these reasons sound familiar, then employee time clock software may be the perfect option for your business. It may be helpful to keep in mind these important questions when .paring .puter time clock software. Time attendance software provides .pany the regular calculation of their employees’ attendance like arrival time and departing time. This software collects the time data and then enters it into the database. This collected database is then used by the payroll department and processed for reports. This software also contains the ability to remove employee paper trails, time sheets, leave balances, benefits, pays etc. it is very easy for an employee to use time attendance software. When the software is installed, each and every employee is given their own identity through an identifier. This identifier recognizes them while entering into the office and records their arrival time and departing time as well. Each and every employee is given a card which consists of a bar code which can be swiped or scanned into this software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: