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Interior-Decorating Each year bathroom designers and suppliers create a huge number of new bathroom products, catering to the latest trends and changes in the prevailing fashions. While certain difference may seem obvious, such as the re-emergence of natural wooden finishes as the bathroom furniture style of the moment, there are dozens of subtle, behind the scenes changes and modifications that improve the functionality, efficiency and durability of our bathroom fixtures and fittings. Here are a few great upgrades that you may not have noticed. Gone are the days of timidly reaching your hand out to test whether your shower is running either boiling hot or freezing cold. Thermostatic controls are the industry standard, which give you .plete temperature and flow control. Anti-scald mechanisms are also another highly effective safety feature, that prevent water from being heated to a dangerous temperature; perfect for homes with little children. Ceramic disc technology in taps is an innovation that would ordinarily go unnoticed, yet it ensures that your taps will be easy to use, highly efficient, and last longer without developing any faults. Design features that refine and improve your bathroom features are also more popular. Shower enclosures that feature doors with silent running castors and that close with magnetic strips make the whole experience more simple and gentle. Soft-close toilet seats and soft-close bathroom furniture drawers and doors also contribute to a bathroom free from any harsh bangs or slams, a place in which it easier to relax. These innovations are not all about safety or aesthetic improvement however, they are also about maximising the efficiency of your bathroom. Baths manufactured from stone resin and acrylic will retain heat for longer, and low-volume toilet systems deliver the same functionality as regular models, but with much lower water usage; better for the environment and better for your utility bills. Bathroom furniture, which has be.e hugely popular once again, after a few years of being banished during a period of minimalism, has also benefitted from recent improvements in technology. The latest water- and moisture-proof sealants provide you with peace of mind as they ensure that your furniture will withstand the demands of daily use for a much longer period of time. Underfloor heating used to require a major bathroom renovation project, but now heated tiles that link together to provide .prehensive underfloor heating are available that will fit beneath any laminate flooring. We tend to take for granted these little changes, and the point of them is to know that theyre doing their job without being at all noticeable or intrusive. Its just a little extra something to look out for when youre planning your next bathroom upgrades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: