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UnCategorized In 2003, The JD Group, owners of the sportswear chain JD Sports, experienced 6 months of extreme disappointment with a 1.5m pounds loss during the half year period. The previous year produced 11.1m pounds in profits for the JD group, based in Greater Manchester. Roger Best, Executive Chairman for the group, mentioned the hopes the .pany had for an increased performance, only to find that this did not eventuate. At the time of the slump in business, the JD group was also spending a great deal of time in negotiations for the purchase of the First Sport sportswear chain, and as you can imagine, regular business and daily operations were disrupted to a certain extent, and this could have very well been one of the reasons for the slump, although this has not been confirmed. Picking themselves back up, the JD Group starting working on a plan to turn the situation around, and this consisted of the need for a few store closures, as well as the possibility of dividing up the group, separating the areas of fashion and sport. Roger Best stated that the Group believed it would be.e a lot stronger and more level across the board, if the structure was shaken up a bit in this way. As a result, 37 stores in total were closed, however 106 of the First Sport stores purchased, were converted to display the JD brand. It was intended that only 21 stores be closed, but that number rose by 16 when it became apparent that some of the original JD Sports stores were too close to the purchased First Sport stores, and the two stores that the JD Group owned within the same vicinity were .peting against each other for sales. An increase in sales was noted on the previous year, after these changes were made. The increase was only 1.7%, however it was enough to inspire hope that once again, sales would continue to steadily increase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: