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8 cents medicine was pushed up to 400 yuan is not formal channels to buy can buy 8 cents medicine was pushed up to 400 yuan is not formal channels to buy can buy   source: Ningbo Network Introduction: October 17th, a large hospital in Ji’nan, heavy metal poisoning Zhang (upon the request of the family name) waiting for a called "EDTA" life-saving drugs. EDTA is a kind of antidote is very cheap, the net price of each purchase price is not more than 10 yuan, the general amount of not more than 10, has a definite effect on the treatment of acute and chronic lead poisoning, but also treatment of manganese, chromium and nickel, diamond and copper poisoning. However, this cheap and effective life-saving drugs, but in a state of shortage. In the process of looking for procurement in the hospital, the patient had to rely on other means of supporting treatment. In recent years, similar to sodium acetate cheap life-saving drugs shortage is not uncommon, and even the birth of the drug "cattle" and the black market. Some drugs sold less than 8 cents a day, in the black market was actually fired to a $400. Most of these drugs market is small, use crowd more limited, the use of time and the number of uncertainties, pharmaceutical production costs are high, the profit is very small or even negative profits, some companies lose money this cheap life-saving medicine production. But these, this does not solve the dilemma and a cheap life-saving medicine. Recently, Dazhong reporter interviewed by large pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies, drug and unannounced visits to cattle, uncover cheap life-saving drugs "self-help" difficulties. 100 yuan will be able to help detoxify the shortage, the loss of production enterprises, only in case of prevention, Shangdong Province-owned Hospital, Shen Chengwu, director of the Department of pharmacy, according to the sodium impressed by this medicine. In his impression, over the past ten years, according to the net price of sodium hyaluronate injection from 3 yuan a lot more than $9, as if never more than 10 yuan. As a "life-saving medicine" for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning, the treatment of acute and chronic lead poisoning is effective. According to different condition, the patients with different dosage, "generally use a few branches, with 10 maximum." Shen Chengwu said that this calculation, less than 100 yuan, it is possible to save the lives of a poisoning. However, the reality is not so ideal, this cheap life-saving medicine is sometimes in a state of shortage. October 17th, a large three hospitals in Ji’nan, heavy metal poisoning Zhang is waiting for sodium. As a result of the shortage, the hospital did not rely on sodium inventory, there is no ideal alternative medicine, the hospital looking for procurement process, Zhang had no choice but to wait under the support of other therapeutic means. Sodium is not the only drug that is used as an antidote. Acetamide Injection is a specific antidote organic fluorine insecticide and raticide fluoroacetamide poisoning. 2007, the group of food poisoning incident in Heilongjiang Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hebei, Tangshan, and other toxic poisoning incident in 2011, Acetamide Injection, are to be allocated overnight life-saving drugs. May 2015, Jilin, Jilin, a villager mistakenly injected into the body as an anti-inflammatory drugs into the body, the local hospital lack of acetamide theory相关的主题文章: