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The 87 year old grandfather married couple ward to celebrate the platinum to feed his wife to eat cake (Figure) – Beijing September 19th, ward Seventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu City, Sishitongtang Meng Naiguang and Xu Yuqin married 70 anniversary wish. Meng grandpa Xu grandmother eat cake. Origin: the war years, he decided to give her a warm home. His remorse: I am very silly, do not care about love, not to buy things to send her. His eyes: she is very hard-working, not to ask too much. The whole family’s clothes and shoes were made by her. A dress that she could wear for years. His present: two years ago, I spent 1250 yuan to buy her a silk dress. Her love: in the winter of 1967, the trustee sent him a chicken far away. His regret: did not take her abroad. I do not know the situation, deeply attached. The world of love probably two, a warm fire, and burning, like a tree, the seeds germinate in the atrium, slow and deep. Meng Naiguang and Xu Yuqin two old love is more like the latter, to love the emotion in the heart, day in and day out, year after year, said of a couple. September 19th, Chengdu Seventh People’s Hospital of respiratory medicine, bed No. 2, lying at the age of 87 Xu Yuqin, her right hand and right foot kept trembling, pale face. 87 year old Meng Naiguang for her after the completion of the drug, from the bedside drawer to find out the collection of photos have been a long time, take her to see two. One of them was Xu Yuqin, dressed in a bride’s dress, nestled in the presence of Meng Naiguang. Meet see this beloved war lost track of time, he decided to give her a warm home Meng Naiguang was born in Hebei Province, and Xu Yuqin was born in Jilin Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Yanji City, if not loved, two people may not have any intersection. Before the liberation of the northeast, Meng Naiguang went to Yanji to study. In this middle school, Meng Naiguang and Xu Yuqin’s brother are classmates. Xu Yuqin is also studying in this school, because of family reasons, only to go to school three years later than his brother. Hebei to Yanji, there are thousands of kilometers, Meng Naiguang was at home in Xu Yuqin. Because in a school, and the same age, live together, a long time, two people are familiar with each other, until 1946, things have a turning point. This year, with the changing situation of the liberation war, Xu Yuqin’s brother to work in Xinjiang, his brother also joined the army. At this time, the family only Xu Yuqin, Meng Naiguang decided to marry her, give her a warm home. "At that time the condition is poor, the life is very bitter." Meng Naiguang said. In September 19, 1946, Meng Naiguang and Xu Yuqin together into the marriage hall, Xu Yuqin wearing a wedding dress, wearing a suit and lovingly pathetic, Meng Naiguang, two people tall,stately and handsome, with a bouquet of flowers together, leaving their most precious photos of life in front of the camera. Back from the whirl of love, the way is long to follow her husband removed from Jilin Sichuan after two years, Meng Naiguang’s work from Yanji to the Jilin business hall, two people started off-site separation. 5 years later, in 1953, the state相关的主题文章: