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9 movies a day get together! What can I do to save "schedule" the Sohu "singular" led by Dr. entertainment, "hide and seek" "Mr. Sheng" "jibixiaoxin" and other 9 films to release the same day, November 4th "a bit busy" Sohu (entertainment news paper S, eleven beans sandwiched between the National Archives) has opened, October Lunar New Year stalls in December, November has not made films of a hotly contested spot, and was dubbed the "strongest month". This year is a little different. 40 or so of the film tie push in November release, shadow city double eleven period. There are two most competitive weekend this week, the first one on Friday. In November 4th, the volume led Fu "Benny Marvel" large singular doctor "create new pattern of diffuse Granville world, from the point of video feedback, film visual effects are almost alike, the audience is more that this is by far the most beautiful Marvel movie visual one, want to have to start from zero field. It will set off a small Carnival in the fans, so as to promote the public viewing enthusiasm. And in the same day release and "hide and seek" "Mr. Sheng flowers" "never abandon" "crayon" and "father and son" very "jokes" football "hijacked" love "at the prison" 8 films. "Hide and seek" is expected to become the domestic thriller genre model to get together and release the film is helpless or not OK? The movie "hide and seek" announced profiles for the Mid Autumn Festival is early in May this year, but the mid autumn festival gradually approaching, "hide and seek" suddenly quiet down, some industry sources said, because the film scale failed to pass the review, need a large deletion, makes the film cannot be released as scheduled. "Hide and seek" director Liu Jie in the WeChat circle of friends sigh, seemed to reflect the news from the side. Now have safe examination stalls in November 4th, but this get together and release large strong suction gold, how much will bring some impact to the box office. From the early point mapping feedback, on the Korean version of the film remake was successful in creating suspense thriller atmosphere, all is the same type of domestic film in the superior, caused a large number of fans look forward to. If not because of censorship and change the file, put in a relatively relaxed schedule in nine and October, "hide and seek" this type of movie has become the dark horse of the may. "Mr. Sheng flowers": complex family about small nanny and lonely elderly pension issues concern realistic themes of the film "Mr. Sheng flowers" propaganda party also encountered the same problem: his film with good article, hope to get more space to the film introduced to the audience, but because we get together on chip to achieve the effect of publicity. For why the choice and strange doctor collision, the relevant staff reluctantly said: the total on, there is no way." Many viewers watching the film feel that the film is worth a visit, the actor is very good, the story also has social significance. Mr. Sheng and "flowers" as "Born Under A Bad Sign", opened in distress, "father and son" and "jibixiaoxin" two positioning are Carnival films, fit together with the kids to watch, "Dr." in the singular rolling schedule for this film.)相关的主题文章: