A big discussion about what is holographic sweets parade

A big discussion about what is holographic this week, is a week for apple and SONY, but on the VR and AR which hot events are noteworthy, immersive weekly review with you. Sony PS 4 conference: less than iPhone, all in Beijing is expected to 2016 09 08 am, after one of the world’s largest technology company Apple released the annual blockbuster flagship iPhone 77 Plus giant Sony game console industry also took out the new home game Sony PlayStation and new Pro generation of PlayStation Slim. The new PS game console is better than people expected to be named PS Neo, official name is PlayStation Pro, and it appears the aim is not to replace the original PlayStation 4 models, but as a supplement to the previous generation, this relationship is somewhat similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. So where does the new equipment upgrade: GPU frequency upgrade, enhance the host built-in storage space to 1TB, and not surprisingly, to support 4K and video game (game player who is so their time to upgrade the display). Please, please don’t say the virtual images on the stage as a hologram. In fact, it is a kind of intelligent optical illusion technique called "Pepper’s Ghost" (Pepper). The earliest description of it can be traced back to the sixteenth Century, a Italy scientist, and its name is from the British John Pepper in the year of nineteenth Century, because he was the first to apply it to stage performing arts. This ancient technique, along with the modern high level of computer rendering, creates a realistic image on the stage. But it focuses on computer rendering technology rather than the development of display technology. "Very powerful, there is no doubt," said David, who heads the Duke University’s Center for imaging and spectroscopy, Brady, Tupac. "The most impressive thing about it is that it looks like the real thing, and the details are good and natural, but it’s just a matter of computer rendering, not the development of display technology." Answer your question: what is holographic? What is not? The reality is that when the public refers to the holographic, they do not think of the laser and interference theory, but in the eyes of floating in the air to see three-dimensional image. It is for this reason that the word "holographic" is abused, as long as it is possible to have a visual image that is shocking. Want to climb "Black & PR" to attract the eye of the media and the unknown but believe your own eyes of the public, together contributed to this phenomenon. To let your eyes see floating three-dimensional image, in fact, a lot of ways, and usually with the laser, interference is not much, but in.相关的主题文章: