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About the knowledge of   please look at this! –IT– people’s original title: on the knowledge of traffic recorder please look at this! Although the traffic recorder has been widely used, but also into the people’s vision of time is not short, but we really know the traffic recorder? How much resolution is appropriate? How wide is the wide angle degree? What factors will affect the recording effect? Which brand is good? At present, the majority of consumers are half knowing, today to introduce several key factors of the recorder, although you don’t become experts, but lets you not afraid of being fooled businesses in the purchase of the recorder, allowing you to buy the rest assured, at ease. The recorder "HD" that the recorder job is to record the traffic picture, but when we pick in the recorder, the seller often hear propaganda, 720P, 1080P HD video, more high 1296P; 200W, 300W pixels, shooting clear…… such number troubling everyone, after all we all are not consumers the following experts to introduce you to the recorder HD, so that we no longer yunliwuli. What is 1080P? At present, the mainstream of the market is the resolution of the 1080P recorder, we take it as an example. 1080P refers to the resolution of the video, is a standard unit of video recorder output: 1080P resolution is wide and high 1920×1080. What is a pixel? Pixels, refers to the number of sensitive elements on the photosensitive chip, is the smallest unit of the image, usually in pixels per inch PPI as a unit to represent the image resolution. 500W pixels of the machine, you can shoot a static photo 500W pixels. Figure more pixels, the relationship between each unit area of more pixels and pixels per inch resolution is usually used to represent the image size PPI resolution, pixel resolution is in the unit. Such as 1080P is the resolution of the video, referring to 1920×1080; pixel is 1920×1080=2073600, about equal to 2 million pixels. Video output is the resolution of the 1080P recorder, equipped with 2 million pixel sensitive chip is enough. Nikon D7000 SLR 16 million 200 thousand pixels to more than 4000 yuan, so people with you to promote a certain number of hundreds of pieces of traffic recorder about 10000000 pixels, you do not be fooled, just laugh. Now the industry chaos, some people in order to seek the favor of consumers, confusion, stir up enmity here to talk about the tachograph, pixels of the unspoken rule. The pixel of the unspoken rule of the market tachograph publicity, is frequently more than 10 million pixels, is actually using the software manufacturers of interpolation, originally a pixel into two, three or more pixels, the pixel is indeed high, but the actual effect is the same as the original, there is no essential difference, only increase the number of repeat point. Excess image相关的主题文章: