After the 90 girls 1 people played 4 people cheated villagers sound of 210 thousand demonophobia

The 90 girls badly 1 people play 4 voice to cheat the villagers 210 thousand and 25 year old rural girl Mary claimed that the father is a Jining leader. For the village Lee arranged a formal work, lied to the Lee family 210 thousand yuan to dot the grounds. Seeing scam will be found, Mary a person who plays four roles posing as a unit staff, even gave Lee hair a salary of 19 thousand yuan. 12, Jiaxiang police arrested the mary. That his father is among the 12, Jiaxiang County Public Security Bureau police brigade a squadron of police criminal detention notice handed to Mary. Mary wanted to put off the bracelet, this bracelet ten thousand yuan, in a home." "The pursuit of high quality material life, perhaps she is the motive of fraud." Police handling the case said. The hoax began from March 2015, one year to one of her plays four roles: herself, relatives, electrical department accounting, electrical department staff. Mary and more than and 50 year old Ms. Wang Village, Ms. Wang was selling insurance, Mary bought two copies of insurance through her. In the meantime, Ms. Wang inadvertently son of Lee in Qingdao electric power professional occupation college graduating soon, but can not find work, one family is very anxious. Mary said his uncle blurted out, is a unit of Jining’s leadership, can help arrange work. "She said the uncle, is actually her father’s friend, and shenzhen." Police investigators said, however, a hoax in Mary’s heart began to beat the draft. Mary of Ms. Wang said, his life is bitter, the "Uncle" is actually her father, now have their own life, there is no clear word, but if they work will help. Ms. Wang think this relationship is very reliable, "said Mary to have to spend the money". Soon, Mary to need to build the grounds to Ms. Wang to 30 thousand yuan, Ms. Wang did not hesitate to give her 30 thousand yuan in cash. The phone recognition of a son before long, Mary’s "good news", said the work setting, two days after her aunt would to call Ms. Wang said. Ms. Wang did receive a woman’s phone, the standard Mandarin, said Lee will be able to do things, but also to recognize Lee as a son. Ms. Wang is very happy to hear. A few days later, Mary came to the Wang family, said. Uncle broke his leg in a car accident, aunt opened the garment factory funds are broken, but also the need for money turnover, proposed to Ms. Wang borrowed 100 thousand yuan. Ms. Wang family feel that since for her work has made progress in her aunt’s son, or "godmother", and then lend money to mary. Later, Mary said to Renqin a ceremony, uncle and aunt to go to Tianjin to visit a boss recently, going to let the boss do witness a ceremony in Tianjin to witness fees, service charges of 80 thousand yuan. A few months later, Aunt Mary said the business has some problems, temporarily held a ceremony. Things dragged on, Wang repeatedly found Mary, Mary said quickly. In March this year, Ms. Wang said one family anxious, no refund will be heard. Mary said, work has been arranged, the power sector is ready to give Li Moufa wages, accounting will have contact with him. Soon, a woman with Lee Moulian.相关的主题文章: