After the Mid Autumn Festival sweet moon cake burden increase the number of patients sexinse

After the Mid Autumn Festival "sweet" "moon cake burden: the patient" to increase the number of the annual Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake is indispensable role, every household will buy some more or less. But as long as the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake as a seasonal food "mission" will be the basic end, send out the cake, throw and unfortunately, a lot of families into a sweet burden. Especially in the home of the elderly, because of the habit of thrift, will choose to live in the moon cake moon cake as far as possible, not only to eat every day, even when the staple food to eat…… However, although the moon cake is delicious, but not eat, especially diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases and other chronic diseases is to eat as well, otherwise it is easy to eat out of trouble. The mooncake piled too much when dinner is caused by diabetes Mid Autumn Festival has just passed, Hangzhou Fuyang supermarkets, store shelves, moon cakes have been instantly disappeared in the people of Fuyang Zhang Popo Not the least trace was found., the home is large and small have piled eight boxes of moon cake relatives children, these cakes exquisite packaging, each box six, according to Zhang mother’s words: these cakes are very expensive look like! Zhang mother-in-law now retired at home, usually good health, every day to adhere to exercise. Zhang Popo told the author, the Mid Autumn Festival this day, their relatives and children came to visit her, gave her a lot of gifts, of course, including the moon cake. "Every year, relatives and their children will be to bring me the moon cake, I know they have this habit, so they will buy a little less notice in advance, the bulk of the eat enough, do not have to spend money, they would listen to me." Zhang Popo said, "this year, more than one thing they forgot to remind, the total brought me eight boxes of moon cakes, of course, on holidays, they gave me something I am also very happy." "I am very happy to send moon cakes, but I made a worry, so many moon cakes, how to eat it?" Zhang Popo somewhat reluctantly said, "I am going to send a few boxes to the neighborhood at the time, but the thought of the Mid Autumn Festival has been sending inappropriate. The moon cakes are thrown, it is a pity, but had to plan to eat a few. So I hungry to eat moon cakes, and sometimes do not want to buy food to eat a meal, so eat moon cake over the past few days. Seeing the moon cake will be finished, I did not expect to eat too much sweet cause of diabetes, but also their children were found early, as soon as possible to me to the hospital……" After the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cake patients increased like Zhang Popo is a typical ‘moon cake’, that is, eating too much cake induced hyperglycemia." Sun Liqin, deputy director of the Department of Endocrinology, the first people’s Hospital of Fuyang District, Hangzhou. "Every year, like Zhang Popo, there are a lot of cases. Many people’s homes in the Mid Autumn Festival will accumulate a variety of moon cake. Especially the elderly, children because children filial piety, day will give them to buy moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival, causing home simply eat moon cakes." Sun Liqin said, in this way, the elderly will inevitably appear one day ‘destroy’ several moon cake situation." "Now there is a sugar free month for diabetics"相关的主题文章: