All About Christian Homeschooling And You-stellarium

UnCategorized The number of families who are choosing to homeschool their children rather than sending them to traditional public or private schools has exploded in the last twenty years. The specific reasons for this choice vary widely, but a 2003 survey sheds light on why homeschooling has be.e so popular. There are between 1 and 2 million children being taught at home; of these, the majority is choosing this option for religious reasons. Parents have been concerned that religion has been pushed out of largely secularized classrooms, and many disagree with the public schools’ emphasis on Darwinism and other controversial topics which are at odds with Christian theology. 72% of homeschooling parents are teaching their own children in order to be able to provide religious and moral instruction themselves. There are many different approaches to Christian homeschooling and each family must decide which is best for its own particular situation. A family may try several different methods before deciding on one or a .bination of several which meets its individual spiritual and educational goals. — Teaching with a biblical focus helps children develop a personal relationship with God through studying His word on a daily basis. The ultimate desire of Christians should be for their children to have a heart of wisdom, and a significant amount of time spent studying the Bible is a means toward that end. — Textbook curricula have graded textbooks in each subject, with teachers’ manuals for parental use. It should be noted that textbooks don’t work with all students, and this method is most often not used with exclusivity. — A "learning style" approach emphasizes that each child learns differently. There are innovative learners whose learning needs to connect with individual experience and have meaning in their personal lives. Analytic learners are fascinated with facts and figures, and focus on concepts and processes. .mon sense learners are hand-on students who need to get in there and figure out how things work and why. Dynamic learners are extremely adept in taking learning into their own hands; any kind of independent study works great for these kids, and they enjoy discovering concepts through game playing. The bible describes how everyone has been given different gifts and talents, and parents should always exercise good judgment in deciding what is best for their children. The results of good homeschooling are beginning to show in society: homeschool graduates are regularly outperforming their public-schooled peers on standardized tests, they are active in their .munities and involved in civic affairs. Christian homeschooling is a great alternative for religious families who want to help their children get a solid education and foster their faith as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: